Removing silicone sealant and residues from around a Wash Hand Basin

How to deal with inefficient silicone seal

There comes a time in the life of silicone sealants when they begin to look shoddy and very unattractive. At this point there is also the potential for water leakages to appear in the silicone seal due to the degrading aspect, over time, of the sealant’s  efficiency. The repair is not only a cosmetic consideration but also a practical one – to seal and waterproof a joint effectively. Before you can replace the silicone there is the thorny issue of removing the old filament and any residual coating or greasy film left on either the wall or basin surface. There are lots of DIY tips for the removal of both the sealant and the remaining residue as well as products for removing the silicone. Historically they do not always represent a fast and efficient means of doing the job satisfactorily which simply adds to the frustration of not being able to access a totally effective procedure. Thankfully that situation has been rescued with the arrival of C Tec’s Multisolve which is a tried and tested spray solvent that removes all residues with a single application followed by the wipe of a cloth.

Effective solvent features

It does not matter whether the basin is pedestal based or wall mounted or even fitted to a countertop, the issue of sealing the surface joint remains the same – leaving a clean receptive area that will effectively accept and grasp the new sealant providing the desired watertight seal. Multisolve, a unique non-aggressive multi-purpose solvent, has been designed and manufactured specifically by C Tec as a multi purpose economical, fast drying, super efficient solvent that has clear applications across all construction related trades, the automotive industry and the commercial sector. It is a stable mate of the CT1 Snag List Eliminator Inventory which provides an array of top quality adhesive/sealant products to  the construction industry. Combined and working in tandem, they provide the ideal solution for all adhesion and sealing tasks. Not only do they perform to high standards but also conform with all health and safety regulations and embrace environmentally friendly attributes

Easy application for superior results

Multisolve, along with C Tec’s other adhesives and sealants is stocked by suppliers to the construction industry in many countries across Europe where its growing popularity is testament to its efficacy as an efficient spray solvent. It has become, de rigueur, an essential stock in trade tool for every tradesman across the European continent and by default is the DIY enthusiast’s multi purpose solvent of choice. Its application in the silicone removal process is simple. The silicone peels off seamlessly after a quick spray of Multisolve and the basin surface wipes clean, clear of all film or detritus. With the wipe of a cloth you will have the perfect exterior for the adhesion of a new coat of sealant that will restore the appearance of the wash hand basin to its original flawless integrity. It is prudent if not essential to ensure you always have a spray container of Multisolve at hand to resolve those issues as they arise and it certainly guarantees a certain peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that it actually works as described on the product label.  

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