Removing Old Sealant before Renewal: Multisolve

Before you can apply new sealant, you must remove traces of the old one. However, many people struggle to remove silicone sealants because of their rubber-like nature. Traditionally, silicone sealants are used to keep water from penetrating the surface of the material. It’s most often used to seal shower screens, roofs, sinks and baths etc. Silicone sealants contain silicon and oxygen atoms. These atoms can combine themselves with carbon and hydrogen, which can make the removal of such sealants quite challenging.

Sealant Remover – Multisolve

The best silicone sealant remover for the job is MultiSolve from C-TEC, the creators of CT1. Whilst CT1 is used to bond certain materials together, Multisolve does the opposite. It removes silicone sealant with ease and leaves little to no trace of its presence afterwards. It’s completely safe to use and environmentally friendly. Unlike other aromatic sealant removers, Multisolve does not harm the user or the base material. Instead, Multisolve is an aliphatic hydro carbon solvent that has the powerful de-activating capabilities of an aromatic but without the damaging effects that comes with it.

Multisolve removes silicone sealant by gently detaching it from the base material without burning. It will only remove the silicone sealant, leaving the condition of the surface beneath untouched and unaffected. So, if you don’t have time to re-paint the surface after cleaning away old sealant, you don’t have to worry. This solvent does not remove the paint and focuses only on the removal of the silicone, which is one of its main advantages.

How to Use Multisolve

Available in a 500ml aerosol, Multisolve is easy to use and apply without any additional or strenuous effort. If you need to remove old silicone from your windows, simply spray the product onto the silicone and witness it smoothly detach itself without leaving any marks or traces behind in its tracks. In addition to removing old silicone sealant, Multisolve also cleans ink, tar, wax, paraffin, oil, grease and adhesives.

You can use it to clean away old adhesives and oil spills etc. Due to its fast-drying nature, Multisolve is both an economical and fast-acting solvent. It provides safe degreasing and cleaning, which is one of the main benefits of this powerful and effective sealant remover. Whether you are working on a construction site or need to re-vamp your house with a few home-improvements, Multisolve is the perfect solvent for newbies and professionals alike. It is the most cost-effective solution on the market and works well with other products from our C-TEC range, such as CT1 sealant and adhesive. Once you have finished removing old silicone with Multisolve and a handy blade, you can re-apply with a fresh coat of new sealant. This helps to ensure a smooth and flawless finish.


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