Removing Adhesives from your Bathroom Tiles

Since construction adhesives are designed to create a strong and unbreakable bond, it can be extremely difficult to remove it. You may need to clean glue from your tiles because of an unfortunate spill, or perhaps you would like to re-tile your floor but first you must remove the old tiles before replacing them with new ones. Thankfully, we know exactly how to solve your problem! Using Multisolve from C-TEC ensures that all traces of adhesives, sealants and other forms of glue will be completely removed from the area.

Cleaning Adhesives

Using warm water and soap will not be a strong enough method to remove construction adhesive from your tiles. It may be sufficient when it comes to removing glue from your fingertips, but you will need a much stronger solution to clean adhesive from the surface of your bathroom tiles.

Most glue removers tackle difficult stains and tasks by burning the adhesive off from the base material. Whilst this is fairly effective, it can also be quite dangerous. The burning sensation is not just felt by the adhesive, but it can also get into the base material and some glue removers are quite harmful towards human skin as well, so it’s always advised to wear a pair of rubber gloves when using such formulas.

Taking a safe but effective glue remover such as Multisolve is your best and safest solution. Point the nozzle and spray directly onto the adhesive you wish to remove. Multisolve will immediately get to work and begin to etch its way into the adhesive, breaking down its formulation and forcing it to detach itself from the tiles.

Multisolve leaves the adhesive ready for treatment. So, grab a blade and gently pry the softened adhesive from the tiles. You will notice that it will glide off the base material without effecting it. A quick clean up afterwards with a damp cloth will ensure a smooth and polished finish.

What is Multisolve?

Multisolve is a fast-acting and fast drying solvent. It removes all types of glues and adhesives such as sealants, silicone, tar, wax, printing ink, grease and even oil. It is a professional degreaser, but it’s also suitable for DIY projects about the house since it’s very easy to use. As a hydrocarbon solvent, you never have to worry about coming into contact with harmful chemicals. This adhesive remover will tackle the problem and leave no oil film behind, which is definitely a bonus when it comes to cleaning adhesives from your bathroom tiles!

The next time you need to remove adhesives and glues from your bathroom or kitchen tiles, trust C-TEC’s Multisolve to get the job done without a hitch!

To find out more about this remarkable product, take a look at our product page and don’t forget to watch the video on the left, which shows Multisolve in action!

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