How to remove tar from your runners with Multisolve

The inevitability of tar stains  

A perennial issue with runners, as in footwear, is tar stains, particularly prevalent during the warm summer months when tarred surfaces melt. Hikers and joggers who pound the roads and byways in an effort to stay fit and healthy, find their footwear susceptible to the damaging effects of molten tar. Bitumen surfaces ooze liquid tar as temperatures rise. Unfortunately those running or walking on the roads pick up a residue of tar on their footwear. The offending stain is ever more noticeable on white soled runners and can be difficult to remove. It is extremely frustrating to have tar stains on a brand new pair of expensive branded white soled trainers, particularly as there are few if any really effective remedies for removing the smudges.

Traditional tar removal methods versus C Tec’s latest development                 

With traditional solutions there always seems to be a residual tarnish or discoloration left after the cleaning process is completed and that in itself is very vexatious. Most often pedestrians are totally oblivious to the underfoot conditions that cause tar staining to their footwear and even find it impossible to avoid it, especially if they are constantly using footpaths and pavements that have been surfaced with bitumen products. It is even worse in many country areas where roads receive a dressing which consists of a spray of tar followed by a spray application of roadstone. This is the worst surface for picking up tar stains on footwear and is very much unavoidable for those who live in the countryside and are forced to walk on it. Fortunately there is now a product from the CT1 Snag List Eliminator Inventory that will soothe those frazzled nerves by effectively removing the tar stains with no residual discoloration of the footwear.                             

This revolutionary multi-purpose solvent is Multisolve – a product that has been designed and manufactured for use in the construction industry. Its name defines its multi-purpose usage and though it is destined for the building sector it has many other applications – removing tar being one of them.

The salient features of C Tec’s formidable solvent

As the ideal solution for removing tar from trainers Multisolve is fast becoming a stock in trade product for tradesmen as well as a handy mate for DIY enthusiasts. It requires no skill to apply the pressurised spray solvent to the target area, which, when left it for a minute to do its work can be wiped wiped clean with a cloth. It is fast thorough and safe. Its compliance with health and safety regulations and its green credentials serve as additional appealing factors in the construction industry’s most effective solvent of choice. It is actually recommended to be used with all C Tec’s adhesives and sealants and makes for faster better results when deployed in tandem with the Snag List Eliminator Inventory. As a fast drying tar remover this solvent is a much sought after solvent by housewifes and athletes alike as the ideal solution for removing tar from runners. It certainly pays dividends to have a container of this magical product always at hand to resolve tar staining problems as they occur.

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