How to Remove Printing Ink Stains

Removing printing ink stains can be very difficult because of the nature of the substance. Unfortunately, soap and water isn’t strong enough to clean ink stains from clothing or furniture etc. and you’ll need something much stronger. C-Tec’s Multisolve is designed to remove printing ink stains in a matter of seconds and leaves no trace of the stain behind.

What is Printing Ink?

Ink is a type of paste or liquid containing dyes or pigments. It’s mostly used to produce text, image or a design on paper and can cause quite a mess if not handled properly. The printing ink used in letterpress is usually a lot thicker and more like paste than the traditional ink people used to write with. It’s considered to be quite complex in its make-up. This means that it is composed with a variety of substances including solvents, resins, dyes, pigments, surfactants, fluorescents and particulate matter. As you can probably guess, you’ll need a very strong cleaning solution to remove printing ink stains.

Multisolve – Printing Ink Remover

Multisolve is an innovative multi-purpose solvent that is used to safely remove adhesives and sealants. It’s known for its strong but gentle detaching motion that ensures you get a nice clean finish without harming your skin or the surface of the base material. Since it was released in the market, no other solvents have been able to compete with its powerful performance. It effectively removes printing ink stains from machinery, floors, carpets and clothes without damaging the base material. This makes it very useful in an emergency because it’s fast-acting and gets the job done in a matter of minutes.

How to Use Multisolve to Remove Printing Ink

This handy multi-purpose solvent is very easy to use. It is available in an aerosol can and is sprayed directly onto the desired surface. Within seconds, you’ll notice the ink begins to lift and detach itself from the base. If the ink is very thick, it’s best to let the solvent work its way into the stain for best results. Once it has lifted, it’s ready for treatment and removal. You can use a cloth to help pry the ink apart and safely remove the stain without harming the base.

Multisolve Properties

Multisolve is ideal as the preliminary treatment for paints and adhesives. But it’s also the best printing ink remover because it cleans the stain perfectly. It can be used with problematic surfaces that are usually very difficult to clean. This includes glass, rubber, plastic, vinyl and painted surfaces. It’s fast and thorough degreasing motion makes it the best choice for an emergency clean up. Once it removes the stain, it leaves no oil film behind. This is a huge relief as most traditional solvents tend to leave an oily film in its path. This can be very unsightly and requires further cleaning.

Multisolve – The safest and cheapest solution to removing printing ink fast.

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