How to remove body trims and bumper strips from your car

Historically, processes do not always deliver                                                                            

Car drivers in general and more specifically car owners take a huge pride in their vehicle’s appearance and  presentation. Young drivers are ostensibly aficionados of body trims and bumper strips – a means of giving their cars the cosmetic oomph that turns heads and earns them peer respect. The trims undoubtedly add a sense of individuality to the overall body look which every young driver craves as a credibility factor. The only problem with trims is their short life expectancy. As new more current designs appear there is always the temptation to replace the old trims with the new which presents a few inherent problems, the greatest being the removal of the existing trims. Body work shops and DIY enthusiasts have been doing it for quite a while but with different levels of success. Scraping and rubbing using different solvents is a time consuming laborious task that can take forever to execute in order to achieve the perfectly clean surface required to mount the new trims. Disappointingly, results do not always match the effort made to remove the trims and the process is questioned.

Revolutionary solution at your disposal

Thankfully a new product is now available both to the trade and to DIY enthusiasts that dramatically shortens the process of removing the existing trims and speeds up the task of replacing the old with the new. This new product is Multisolve. It has been designed and manufactured to reflect the product name and define its multifunctional use. It can be applied directly from the spray container without causing damage either to the bumper plastic or the body paintwork and can be wiped off with a clean lint-free cloth, avoiding any sharp implements that might score the paintwork or act abrasively on the bumper plastic. With little effort both surfaces will be cleaned effectively for the application of the new replacement trims. Multisolve is the automotive industry’s dream product as its multipurpose application extends to degreasing and cleaning mechanical parts such as brakes and suspension. Its versatility as a fast multipurpose degreaser that leaves no oily residues makes it a favourite with mechanics across the spectrum of automotive workshops.

A professional finish with Multisolve

Equally, body repair technicians who are often faced with removing trims and bumper strips as part of their job are delighted to have a product at hand that saves time and labour in the process of doing that dreaded job. Even young motorists with a keen interest in pimping their own vehicles can remove the trims and strips themselves with a little care and a container of Multisolve. It makes every finished job look unbelievably professional with no surface blemishes showing beneath the new trims and bumper strips that adhere seamlessly to the car body and bumper. If you have a task to complete and it requires plastic tape removal save yourself time and money by having a supply of Multisolve to help quickly resolve the issue and provide a fast solution to a problem that could otherwise be more prolonged if tackled by using other slower and less effective methods.

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