How to remove Bird Droppings from Any Surface

Birds are free spirited animals. They fly where they want, build nests where they want and…drop their dropping where they want too. Cleaning these stains from surfaces can be extremely problematic. Unfortunately, there is not really any one magical solution for the job. However, using C-TEC’s revolutionary solvent, Multisolve, can lift away all traces of bird dropping stains from almost any surface.

Multisolve comes in both a 200ml and 500ml aerosol. It is a purely aliphatic solvent with immense power and durability. It can clean and remove bird droppings from a massive range of materials, leaving a spotless finish with no evidence that any stains ever existed on the surface. This multi-purpose solvent removes many different stains and adhesives. All you have to do is spray the solvent directly onto the bird dropping stain and give it a few seconds to begin working its magic. The unique formulation gets to work instantly and starts to break down the stain so that it detaches from the base of the surface. This works perfectly well on boats, cars and tables etc.

Bird droppings is actually a form of adhesive. It’s sticky by nature and will adhere to most surfaces to create a strong and quite stubborn bond. The problem arises when it come to clean these stains without affecting the base material. Most cars will fall victim to the prey of bird droppings at some stage. The ideal way to remove dropping from your vehicle is to use Multisolve. The main reason for this is because Multisolve works well on painted surfaces and cleans stains without damaging the paint or leaving additional stains or oil film in the process.

Advantages of Multisolve

Multisolve comes with a huge range of benefits and advantages as a multi-purpose solvent. Below are just some of the best advantages that are associated with this wonderful product:

  • Aliphatic Solvent – As mentioned above, Multisolve is an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent. This means it contains no harmful chemicals and gets the job done without creating additional stains during the cleaning process.
  • Safe to use – Multisolve is a safe and effective solvent. It will not burn the user or the base of the surface, it simply removes focuses its powers on removing stains and doing so in the safest way possible.
  • Cleans different materials – Multisolve not only removes bird droppings, but it can also clean all traces of wax, oil, grease, silicone, sealants, adhesives, printing ink, paraffin and tar.
  • Economical – Multisolve is an eco-friendly solvent that provides a fast-acting and fast-drying solution.
  • Ideal for Numerous Trades and Applications – On top of being suitable for a range of different applications (tar, wax removal, cleaning sealants etc.), Multisolve is perfect for both professional tradesmen and beginner users alike.

Multisolve – The Best Bird Dropping Cleaner and Remover

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