How to Reduce Adhesive Clean-Up Time

Using adhesives can be a messy and tricky business. Even the most experienced user can spend long hours tidying up the mess. When you are bonding two materials together, it’s important to achieve a neat finish. There are many ways to achieve this but one of the main reasons why some adhesives produce messy and unsightly bonds is because of their poor-quality formula. CT1 from C-TEC is a construction adhesive for the pros. It provides a seamless application with a nice and smooth finish, making it the perfect choice for users who wish to get a clean finish the first-time round. However, here are some more tips to help you reduce the adhesive clean-up time:

Prepare the Area

To avoid messy and uneven application, it is a good idea to prepare the area using  Multisolve. Multisolve is a safe and effective solvent, often used by construction workers. It effectively cleans away traces of oil, grease, tar, wax, old silicone, sealants and old adhesives etc. It is also used to smooth sealants after application for a seamless finish.

Masking Tape

When you paint your walls and you want to avoid getting paint on certain areas, you will probably reach for a roll of masking tape to help keep your application neat and tidy. You can also use this same method when you apply adhesives to certain areas. Using masking tape helps reduce processing time because you no longer have to worry about getting product elsewhere. After you have applied the sealant or adhesive, simply pull the tape off for a clean and smooth finish.

Trimming the Nozzle

CT1 comes with a nozzle that you can trim to your desired diameter. Always start with a smaller cut and gage how much you will need. After all, you can always trim more off id required but you can’t fix the nozzle if you accidentally trim too much off the first time round. CT1 comes with a thin nozzle, which allows accurate and precise application. There is also the option to choose a cartridge of CT1 No Gun, which can be applied straight from the container without the need of a mastic gun.

Protecting Work Surfaces

It is easy to accidentally get some adhesive onto your workbenches or tables. To avoid this, it is advised to place a protective layer such as a cloth to help protect your work surfaces. Protecting your surfaces is something that most professionals will tell you straight. Adhesives can be messy and difficult to remove from the base material.

Removing Adhesive Stains

If you get traces of adhesive on your work surface or the floor, you’ll need a strong solution to clean the stains. As mentioned above, C-TEC’s Multisolve is the ideal product to use to clean and remove old sealants and adhesives. If you have a bit of a mess to clean up after application, spray some Multisolve on the area and simply wipe it all away!


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