Protect Against Moisture Damage With BT1 Bathroom Sealant

Moisture damage is a common occurrence in many bathrooms across the globe. Mould thrives in bathrooms because a lot of the time, the conditions are wet, damp, and humid. Moisture damage can also lead to mould growth, which adds to the problem at hand. If windows aren’t secured properly and rooms aren’t ventilated accordingly, don’t be surprised to discover black mouldy spots sprouting on places throughout the bathroom such as baths, showers, sinks, and toilets. Lingering moisture is the biggest culprit when it comes to mould infestation.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can protect your bathroom against moisture damage by just using the right bathroom sealant. Here’s how:


Damp proof your walls

The main reason why sealant gets mouldy is that water has dripped behind the sealant. The existing sealant may be cracked in places or it could have shrunk over time. Either way, it’s no longer doing an adequate job of preventing water from getting in behind it. What you need to do to reverse the mould and moisture damage caused by poor quality sealant is to replace it with a high performing anti-mould sealant such as BT1.

BT1 is the best bathroom and shower sealant that’s perfect for finishing up tiles, bonding shower panels, trays, cubicle doors, and so much more. BT1 has anti-bacterial properties and uses TRIBRID® Technology to help it resist mould and fungal infestations. Using BT1 to help damp proof your bathroom walls is a great way to reduce moisture damage as much as possible. Water can’t get in behind BT1 sealant, which creates a watertight seal with which moisture cannot penetrate. This also helps to eliminate the chance of moisture seeping in through cracks in the sealant. BT1, like it’s older brother CT1, will not crack, shrink, or crumble over time. This makes it easier to maintain mould-free surfaces since excess water is unable to leak behind the sealant.


Say goodbye to mould growth!

Based on our revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology, BT1 is a unique bathroom sealant upon which bacteria and microbes cannot survive. One of the biggest signs of moisture damage is mould. You definitely do not want mould developing anywhere in your home. Inhaling mould spores can inflame the airways and trigger a host of possible health issues. This includes chest tightness, coughing, sneezing, throat irritation, wheezing, nasal congestion, and increased symptoms of asthma.

By eliminating mould from your home, you’re protecting not just your surfaces, but your family’s health too. Choosing a high-quality anti-mould sealant is one of the best things you can to prevent moisture damage. BT1 has excellent adhesion to most surfaces and is scientifically proven to decrease bacteria forming on surfaces by up to 99.99%. It’s also EC1 Plus Certified and because it has very low emissions, it’s one of the safest and healthiest bathroom sealants you can find on the market. BT1 creates high elasticity bonds and you can use it with any bathroom application from finishing tiles to sealing shower trays, sinks, and hanging mirrors on the walls, etc.

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