How to Prevent Dampness in the Home with WT1 and CT1

Dampness in the home can be a serious concern. Excess moisture and dampness can drop the temperature of a room and make it feel cold and unwelcoming. In addition to this, dampness can also lead to black mould growth, which can cause health implications such as allergies and skin irritations etc. Thankfully, damp can be both prevented and treated. You don’t even need to spend a fortune calling in the professionals to help you out. All you need is the right waterproofing membrane to tackle dampness and you can save yourself a fortune, whilst also putting a solid stop to damp walls and roofs etc.

Tanking wet rooms with WT1

WT1 is our formulated compound that has a polymer and polyurethane union. WT1 stands for Waterproofing Technology No.1, which is a testament to its magnificent waterproofing capabilities. This remarkable product replaces the need for all other bitumen based roof membranes, providing the perfect solution to repair, waterproof and seal roofs, terraces, floors, walls and balconies etc. WT1 provides excellent adhesion to concrete, lead, brick, stone, metal, plastic and polyester.

Warning Signs to look out for

If your home suffers from excess dampness, it will become quite apparent. Warning signs will be present in different areas such as the walls and ceilings. Mould and fungal growth is a huge tell-tale sign that your home may need to be waterproofed. A great way to fight against this is to waterproof your roof using WT1. Before applying the product, make sure that the surface is dry and clean. If there are any loose debris on the surface, remove these before applying WT1. Spreading or brushing WT1 along the clean and dry surface of your roof can help to not only waterproof your roof, but it can also help reduce the dampness in the home.

CT1 and Mould Prevention

If you find that you have mould in your bathroom and around the sinks in your home, you can help tackle the problem using a mould-resistant sealant such as CT1. CT1 is not only water resistant, but it also fights against mould growth and helps to prevent the fungal from re-growing in the same area. Before applying CT1, take time to carefully cut and remove the old sealant with a knife blade. You can then use CT1 to re-seal the affected area and after curing, the mould-resistant properties of this strong sealant will help tackle dampness and prevent any mould from re-appearing in the future.

Dampness in the home can be a frustrating problem for home-owners and renters alike. Using the right method and products to deal with the problem is your best chance to prevent and treat dampness. Our unique range of waterproof adhesives, sealants and membranes have been used by professionals all over the world. You can read their appreciations over on our testimonial page. So make sure to have a look at what some of our happy customers have to say about our products and witness the magnificent powers of the C-TEC range for yourself!

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