Power Grab N Bond – ideal fix for broken concrete planters

What to do with a broken planter?

Have you experienced the vexatious situation where you were planting up a shrub, bush or flowers in one of your prized concrete planters, positioned on a raised plinth or concrete stand, only to accidentally knocked it over leaving your planter in two or more pieces on the ground. Similarly, this can happen to older concrete receptacles that lose their robustness and durability with age and weathering and become susceptible to the least knock or sharp contact with a spade or other garden implement. The outcome in both situations is unfortunately the same – damaged irreparable beautiful garden features. Whatever the scenario you have to deal with the frustration of the broken pot and the mess created by the soil and compost scattered all around. The instant thought is to consign the damaged flower pot to the bin – what else can you do? Then you have a rethink that questions the terrible waste of your initial decision to dispose of the beautiful cherished planter. Ultimately the only solution to saving the flower pot is sticking the broken pieces together but that begs the question – is it possible – how do you stick concrete pieces together? That has been a perennial problem short of any real resolution in the past when there were very few repair options available. Thankfully, for the frustrated gardener, that situation has been redressed and indeed transformed with the arrival of  CTec’s revolutionary product Power Grab N Bond.

Unmatched qualities of this super adhesive

Not only does it bond concrete but also metals, glass, wood, polystyrene and many other materials. It is revolutionary in the unique bonding sense that it sticks concrete together almost instantly allowing precious seconds for precision positioning of broken parts before the bond cures completely. What a wonderful and consoling solution to a problem that seemed insurmountable. The ability to reinstate your cherished planter to its original integrity without the least visible outward signs of any repairs is beyond a gardener’s expectation. If you have matching planters either side of a front door or entrance to a garden it would be a disastrous misfortune to lose one of them ruining the symmetry they both created as a balanced horticultural and architectural feature.

Other appealing product features

Power Grab N Bond is a breath of fresh air to the world of heavy duty adhesives both in its adhesion qualities and its chemical formula which is compliant with health and safety regulations. From the perspective of repairing the broken planter, it is the simplest of application processes. You spread the adhesive product, straight from the container, along the joint to be sealed and press the parts together, giving you an almost instant bond that cannot be broken with hammer blows. The tensile strength of the bond means that the problem will never have to be revisited ever again. You can paint over the glued joint ensuring a repair that is scarcely visible to the naked eye, restoring your planter to its former glory. The green credentials of this adhesive product means that it is solvent free, odourless, resistant to chemicals and food safe – complying with ISEGA standards.

It is good sensible practice to always have a supply of this miraculous adhesive at hand to deal with all those unexpected domestic and industrial repair jobs that can arise on a daily basis.  

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