Power Grab ‘n’ Bond Construction Adhesive


Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is the cutting edge development in the field of construction adhesives. When you look at available construction adhesives on the market, it can be appreciated why there was such a demand for a product like Power Grab ‘n’ Bond. Construction adhesives are available in two forms, i) One component mastics, ii) Two component epoxies/polyurethanes, where both types have disadvantages and lack performance.

The one component mastic type is packed with solvents which etch into the base material causing damage. These construction adhesives are slow to cure and lack strength. Two component options, on the other hand, produce a strong bond but do not adhere to all materials and are very slow to cure. In many cases, this process can reach up to seven days.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is a unique polymer formed adhesive with incredible initial grab. Imagine a stone/concrete slab in dimensions of L300mm x W300mm x D40mm and applying a liquid product onto the surface and then attaching it directly onto a wall with an immediate bond, with no sliding and without the need for additional supports. Well that is Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, unbelievable but true. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond construction adhesive, (not to be confused with Locktight’s Power Grab) will bond stone to stone, marble to marble, concrete to concrete, metal to granite, metal to concrete and numerous other materials in any combination.

Power Grab ‘n’ Bond construction adhesive is very easy to use as it is a one component product packed into a standard caulking type cartridge that fits into a good quality caulking gun. Place the Power Grab ‘n’ Bond cartridge into the gun and apply, it’s as simple as that. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond will replace the need for drilling and fixing, it really defies logic in its ability to bond with immediate results even vertically. This incredible construction adhesive has, and still is used for marble/granite facades and is the only construction adhesive you need for installing or repairing stone caps.

The applications for Power Grab ‘n’ Bond are endless; it’s even brilliant for bonding letter boxes or ash boxes onto walls with an immediate attachment. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond was born out of our unique sealant and construction adhesive CT1, a unique hybrid polymer. CT1 is mainly used as a sealant even though it can perform as a strong construction adhesive, the difference being that we modified the mix to give Power Grab ‘n’ Bond an immediate grab on heavy items. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is the future of construction adhesives it is also a godsend around the house for numerous applications, where you need to drill and fix, for example bonding mirrors, skirting boards, decorative rails, architraves overhead, heavy tiles, post boxes, it’s just endless.



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