Multisolve for a grease free pre-paint surface

Preparing a surface for painting

The effectiveness of painting any surface is very much dictated by two variables: the quality of the paint and the quality of the surface to be painted. The former presents little challenge as quality paints are readily available for all situations and scenarios. The latter requires some thought and a lot of preparation to prepare a surface that will accept the paint with no blemishes or unsightly streaky finish. There is an old expression that paint can slide and that becomes very real where the paint surface has not been properly cleaned or degreased before applying the new coat of paint. There are preparatory methods which were used  traditionally to clean the surface but they are time consuming and labour intensive. They do not guarantee a completely clean surface free of all detritus and can cause frustration where a less than pleasing or effective outcome is achieved

Most effective solvent for the job

A product that is relatively new to the marketplace has provided that much awaited aerosol solvent that  promises a cleanly prepared exterior with a spray and a wipe of a cloth. Multisolve has proven itself as an ideal agent in preparing all surfaces for a coat of paint by not only degreasing but by also removing all other foreign bodies that might  interfere with the adhesion of the paint to the surface.  Multisolve belongs to the CT1 Snag List Eliminator Inventory and has been designed and developed with the construction industry specifically in mind. However as a multipurpose product its uses stretch far beyond that sector and it has become a firm favourite as an efficient solvent in the automotive and commercial sectors. It works very well in tandem with CT1’s related adhesive and sealant products. Multisolve is fast becoming the universal solvent ‘de rigueur’ for painting contractors across Europe, as a time saving cost effective way of priming greasy surfaces. Its efficiency has not been lost either on DIY enthusiasts who have embraced CTec’s wonderful solvent as the gold standard of proprietary treatments for all pre-paint surfaces, including wood, vinyl, plastics and rubber. Domestic painting contracts can be discharged with aplomb and speed thanks to the availability and effectiveness of Multisolve.

Cost effective health safe solution

As a cost effective treatment this CTec product vaunts a number of positive appealing attributes such as being compliant with health and safety standards and having green credentials. Additionally it is a uniquely non-aggressive solvent available in a choice of two aerosol sizes – 200 ml and 500ml. Its chemical constituents are innocuous and do not pose a health hazard to users – a factor that makes it a very eco friendly product for use in the home as well as the work place. More poignantly, it actually does what it claims and leaves surfaces completely free of grease or oily residues so that paint can be applied efficiently and effectively. Moreover it is a well priced inexpensive product. There is little more pleasing to the eye in either a domestic or commercial context, than a professional paint finish that exudes precision, highlights symmetrical style and provides a certain decorative ‘ je ne sais quoi’ and panache to the surroundings.

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