Multipurpose sealant and Adhesive

The unique CT1 sealant and construction adhesive is without a doubt, the very best multipurpose product on the market. We at C-TEC NI LTD say this with complete confidence because no other product of its type can perform the way CT1 can.

After many years of research and development, we achieved our quest in creating a one stop product to replace several products for different applications. However, we wanted our product to not only act as a filler, adhesive and sealant, but to embody none of the disadvantages that sealants and adhesive would normally have. We wanted to create the BEST sealant and adhesive on the market, and that’s exactly what we did.

First of all, let’s take a look at some of the current options available on the market:

A silicone sealant which contains high quantities of solvents lacks bonding strength and eventually shrinks, especially when it is used in damp locations. A prime example of this is use in bathroom applications as such areas are exposed to large amounts of moisture and water, making them particularly prone to breeding bacteria. Acrylic sealants, even though they can be painted, have the advantage of silicone sealants but they take longer to cure and still lack good adhesion.

P.U. Sealants have good adhesive properties but are very slow to cure and are dense in their make up so not suitable for bathroom, kitchen and commercial applications. Therefore, this type of sealant is used more as an adhesive. These are just a few examples of the variety of options currently available and which are marketed for different applications and purposes.

CT1 is truly a ground breaking phenomenon. It is a unique formulation comprising of a hybrid polymer with no solvents, isocyanates or petro chemical actually its 100% Eco-Compliant. CT1 can be applied onto a wet surface even underwater making it perfect for bathroom applications not to mention garden ponds. It is guaranteed not to shrink, crack or deteriorate and can be painted with any type of paint. However, if you don’t feel like painting, CT1 is also available in a range of colours including black, white, brown, oak and clear. The same product can be used as a formidable multipurpose adhesive for a multitude of applications. CT1 when used has a cured bond of 270 n/cm².

This will replace the need for screws on nails for example. Bonding wood to concrete, sticking plastic to plastic, bonding lead to brick, bonding metal to metal, glass to metal and even plastic to metal or in any combination the possibilities are endless. CT1 will replace all of these sealants: Silicone, Acrylic, butyl, sanitary, polysiloxanne, polyurethane and polysulphide and all these adhesives .P.U, mastic, P.V.A, Epoxy, two component polyurethanes and rubber based adhesives

CT1 will replace all of these materials: Silicone, Acrylic, butyl, sanitary, polysiloxanne, polyurethane and polysulphide and all these P.U, mastic, P.V.A, Epoxy, two component polyurethanes and rubber based adhesives.

What more could you want from a multi-purpose sealant and adhesive?