Multi-purpose Underwater sealant and Adhesive

Sealing a leak underwater, and one that will work, and one that I can then bond other materials with, would seem quite simply out of the question. That is before CT1 was introduced onto the market!

CT1 is the multi-purpose underwater sealant that has been dreamt about for years by tradesmen and domestic users alike. What’s more harrowing than having a leak, but underwater, and the high possibility of completely draining your swimming pool, aquarium, resurfacing the submarine! None an easy task but all a necessity if you wish to seal your underwater leak! Not any longer! Your job time and man power use has been halved by the wizards at C-TEC.

CT1 the revolutionary underwater sealant from C-TEC, is the only multi-purpose underwater sealant that will work as a sealant underwater! CT1 has transformed the world of sealing and the possibility now of sealing a leak underwater!

CT1 the multi-purpose sealant, when a leak has been sealed using CT1 underwater sealant it can resist up to 14 bar pressure (fully cured)! whilst at the same time forming the strongest construction bond on your materials. Perfect for fish ponds, aquarium maintenance and also the Navy!

As you have painstakingly come to realize, sealing a leak on a wet surface is almost impossible but the idea that this can be done directly underwater seems to be a farfetched dream.

Sealing your leak instantly, underwater, this is what dreams are made of! CT1’s hybrid polymer formulation allows you to now seal your leak, underwater, so no draining the tank, sink or re surfacing that submarine, it can all be done underwater. Not only this, but our multi-purpose sealant will form the seal indefinitely. You will never have to re-visit this job again. This is why CT1 has now been commonly known as the Snag list eliminator…

CT1, will seal the leak but this multi-purpose underwater sealant will not only do that but also prevent fungus or bacterial growing on the sealant, as this often happens on damp surfaces, bathrooms love this stuff and swimming pools too!

The multi-purpose under water sealant, will also form THE strongest bond, and allow you to bond other working materials (underwater), perfect again for bathrooms, swimming pools, aquariums and ship maintenance. CT1 the multi-purpose underwater sealant will bond nearly any working material there is, and not only this but CT1 comes in 7 different colours so the job can be finished nicely. CT1 the multi-purpose sealant will also allow you to paint over the seal (when cured) so if these colours are not a perfect match you can make it so!

CT1 truly is the multipurpose sealant, can work on wet surfaces, seals leaks instantly, stays sealed indefinitely, is anti fungi, water Resistant, works in high temperatures, stays flexible has no solvent in it, guaranteed never to shrink or crack, forms the strongest adhesive bond there is, can be painted over, what more can one tube of simple sealant do!

Ctec is trying to squeeze another few in, but we have it all covered!

CTEC are continuously researching the needs of tradesmen, domestic users, handy men, engineers and maintenance repair men and creating the perfect all in one trades product. CT1 has replaced several products and cleverly packaged it into one all round product.