Mounting a Wall Mirror with Power Grab N Bond

Preliminary considerations                   

It does not require a tradesman to mount a wall mirror but it does require a little common sense combined with due care and attention. Most DIY minded people can complete the task as long as they take cognisance of some simple procedures. Firstly, once the mirror mount location is decided, it is best to take advice from the lady of the house regarding its exact position on the chosen wall, be it in the bathroom, ensuite, living room or hallway. That prerequisite fulfilled, it is essential to place the mirror against the wall and manoeuvre it into the desired position. This is usually a two person task especially as one holds the mirror in position while the other lines it up with a spirit level. It is also imperative that it centres above a fireplace or over a bathroom sink and that procedure normally requires two people – one to hold the mirror in place while the other marks the extremities of the mirror on the wall with a pencil. These technicalities are a very important precursor to fixing the mirror permanently in position and should be treated as such.

Fixing the mirror in place

The next step in the mirror mounting process is fixing it to the wall in its precise appointed position. Traditionally that required a drill, masonry bit and a steady hand to ensure the drill holes were in the exact position so as not to skew the mirror hanging position. Many a domestic brouhaha revolved around this intricate procedure with drill holes wrongly positioned and new ones having to be drilled to compensate for the mistakes. Those days have thankfully been assigned to the past with the emergence of Power Grab N Bond. All you need now is a straight base-line for the mirror pencilled lightly on the wall, four vertical strips of the bonding product on the mirror back and a firm hand to push the mirror against the wall to effect installation. Even though the bonding compound provides an instant initial grab it does allow for some manoeuvrability in repositioning the mirror to its exact desired location on the wall. That is the miraculous quality of C Tec’s revolutionary adhesive to provide an effective professional result.

Best results with vertical bonding

It is perfect for vertical bonding and though a dry clean surface is always preferable it is not mandatory for a successful outcome as this product works equally effectively on damp walls. Plastered walls accept the compound with no issues as do most other materials. However if the internal wall is stone then it is advisable to prime the surface with a spray of C Tec’s Superfast Plus Activator. This gives porous stone a better and more receptive surface for the most effective application of Power Grab N Bond. It has never been easier to fix mirrors on any wall in the home and the result is clearly visible – practically and aesthetically a much more professional job that will last as long as you want.

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