Miracle Seal – an instant cure for a leaking car radiator

Leaks can occur in car radiators

Car radiator leaks are not a frequent occurrence, especially in relatively young vehicles, but they can spring up without warning in older cars and vans due to the ageing process. Unfortunately car owners rarely give any thought to the likelihood of such an occurrence and can be left in the lurch when it actually happens. Like Murphy’s Law it normally does occur in the most inconvenient of places, where there is no roadside assistance or immediate help from a mechanical automotive perspective. For the lucky members of the AA or RAC there is the assurance of receiving imminent  roadside service but for the unlucky majority of non compliant road users they have to foot the bill for vehicle removal and repairs.

An efficient solution to a leaking radiator

Thankfully there is an inexpensive effective solution now available, guaranteed to provide an instant seal to the leaking radiator. Miracle Seal from C Tec’s range of adhesive/sealant products is their latest offering to the construction and automotive industries contributing an instant solution to the leaking problem. In the instance of someone experiencing a car break down due to a leaking radiator Miracle Seal is the ideal solution for sealing the leak so the hapless motorist can resume their journey, continuing happily on their way without any further worries or delays. The sealant product’s credentials speak for themselves with its effective  application as a cure for a leaking car radiator being endorsed by many who have already availed of this wonderful sealant and its instant seal capacity.

Technical features of Miracle Seal

From a technical perspective, the performance of the product is greatly enhanced by the chemical inclusion of lubrication and anti-corrosion additives. Its molecular formulation also enables it to seal small leaks anywhere in the cooling system thus acting as a further inhibitor to any other possible leaks in the whole cooling architecture of the vehicle. Miracle Seal has other characteristics that add to its overall performance and prevents any degradation of the product’s overall efficiency and expected longevity. Not only is it guaranteed not to clog the system but it is also compatible with all types of water based coolants and will continue to seal the leak in the presence of anti-freeze. It is therefore ideal for fast emergency repairs to car radiator leaks providing the driver with a constant reassurance that they will not be compromised by any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. This sealant product should strike a particular  chord with Classic car owners and clubs where availability of such an effective sealant would represent a reassurance to those heading off on a car rally or drive.

Forewarned is forearmed                   

It is worthwhile having a container of Miracle Seal at hand to provide that instant repair solution when required. It provides an insurance policy against being left stranded on the highways and byways should your car radiator develop a leak unexpectedly. That reassuring solution provides an element of carefree driving which acts as a reassuring incentive to those drivers who prefer to drive off piste in pursuit of new landscapes and scenery.   

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