Miracle Seal – a fix for leaking Tractor Cooling System Hoses

The cure for tractor coolant system hose leaks

Tractors are the mechanical workhorses on farms and as such are an indispensable asset that requires regular maintenance and deserves a certain duty of care. Just as farm horses, their predecessors, were cherished as pivotal to practically all work on the farm, they were well cared for by their farmer owners  and were greatly respected. Consequently tractors should be viewed with the same level of probity and treated accordingly. Of course after thousands of work hours on the clock tractors can succumb to mechanical failures and coolant hose pipe leaks, the result of a harsh working environment and constant wear and tear. In that situation where ageing hoses can be expected to develop problems it is imperative to have a bottle of Miracle Seal at hand to seal any leaks when and as they occur in the coolant system.

Keep your Tractor in good running order – check the systems regularly

Ironically, farm horses were viewed as perennial powerhouses, expected to keep going until they were retired through old age or died from infirmity. Their central importance to life on the farm was affirmed by the wonderful care and treatment they received from the farmer’s own family throughout their working lives. Tractors, as their replacement, should in essence receive proportionate care during their long working lives as  the modern backbone of the farming economy. Without their constant presence and major contribution to silage gathering, crop growing, harvesting, grain straw and hay storage activities, dairy farming, animal feeding and general farm machinery towing needs, farms would literally come to a standstill. That is reason enough to ensure that tractors remain always in good mechanical order. They are an essential cog in the driving wheel of the the farming economy, sustaining the livelihood of the farming family and greater community. However, even with the greatest care, tractors can develop mechanical and coolant problems that require immediate resolution. The old adage of time waiting for no man has a certain resonance in the farming context where a tractor and other farm machinery need to be working almost twenty four seven to keep the wheels of agriculture turning.  

A stitch in time saves nine – check the water hoses regularly

Historically, many a farmer has lost valuable time and money through unnoticed or unrepaired leaking hoses in their tractor’s cooling system. In the event of such an unanticipated and sudden  problem occurring most farmers were unfortunately left high and dry with no sealant or spare parts to make the necessary immediate repairs to facilitate continued unhindered workflow. Consequently time was lost and considerable expense incurred in labour and parts, the whole process slowing up the daily farming routine and causing undue frustrations. Those days are thankfully consigned to the past with the arrival of a revolutionary sealant that seals leaks in hose pipes instantly and permanently.

Miracle Seal is another sealant product in C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory which has been designed and manufactured for the construction, commercial and automotive industries. This miraculous sealant can in reality save farmers from having to replace an overheated damaged engine with all the related inherent costs. Farmers are generally savvy enough and aware to notice if their tractor is leaking water or overheating to the extent that the needle in the temperature gauge is heading northwards. They recognise that it is signally imperative to stop the leak before it causes irreparable damage which can incur astronomical costs with having to either overhaul or replace the overheated damaged engine.

Some technical features of this revolutionary product         

It is solvent free, non toxic, environmentally friendly and effective. Miracle Seal conforms to all health and safety regulations, contains anti-corrosion and lubricating additives that prevent a clog up the cooling system or a degrading of water pump seals – thanks to its revolutionary new formula. Farmers can rest easy in the knowledge that keeping a supply of Miracle Seal on board their tractor can resolve any hose leak problems that may arise unexpectedly during a working day on the farm.


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