Marine Sealant

There has been a phenomenal break through in the use of marine sealants recently. Historically there have been various types of sealants deemed to be marine sealants all with specific applications. Some needed to be flexible, others not. Some paintable, resist saltwater or fungus to name only a few. However all of the marine sealants need clean dry surfaces to be applied on. So what was desperately needed was a marine sealant that could replace all sealants in one. That could be applied on wet surfaces even underwater, resist fungal growth, stay good even after continued exposure to saltwater, also be paintable, remain flexible and a high resistance to UV and engine fuels. Well it’s here CT1 The Snag List Eliminator, The Ultimate Marine Sealant. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer with no solvents and is guaranteed never to shrink. CT1 will also act as a formidable boat adhesive to bond materials such as wood, cork and all metals including lead, polyester, fibreglass, gel coat, most plastics and it is endless in its versatility both as a sealant and a construction adhesive.
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