How to make quick effective repairs to your broken Shoe Strap

C Tec have an instant solution      

There is nothing more frustrating for ladies than that unexpected event when their shoe strap breaks or dislodges leaving them, at best, in a state of anxiety or worst still in a state of complete melt down. Unfortunately these unforeseen circumstances usually happen at the most inconvenient times and can genuinely cause stress and emotional upset. Very often, with no immediate solution, the only alternative to a broken shoe strap is a replacement pair of shoes – which in itself can be stress inducing should that solution not be a practical option. The anecdotal accounts of  such moments generally relate to new job interviews where the prospective interviewee’s shoe strap breaks just before entering the interview room or to patrons en route to gala balls, weddings or other major celebratory events. On these occasions immediate practical solutions such as on the spot repairs to broken shoe straps are not an option and very often the victim has to go bravely on, dragging the offending footwear along with them. Thankfully ladies no longer have to tolerate that situation with the current availability of  a revolutionary glue – CT1 Superfast Plus.

Application of glue is a simple procedure           

Simply apply a few droplets of Superfast Activator to create a good surface seal on the leather and then add Superfast plus glue to create an almost instant bonding. This is a DIY solution that works like a dream and avoids all the stress and strain associated with a sudden and unpredictable shoe strap malfunction. It is recommended and indeed very useful to use Superfast Plus Activator in combination so as to provide a more accepting material surface for C Tec’s miraculous glue. This exciting adhesive product offers very high tensile strength to ensure the strap will not break again. It will not change the aesthetics or beauty of the footwear as it is colourless and for all future intentional purposes and references, is also resistant to solvents, oils and temperature changes. It is just the perfect travel companion for every self-respecting fashion conscious shoe guru who no longer has to fear that ill-conceived moment when footwear disaster strikes.

Effective outcomes with shoestrap repair

Immediate resolution of broken shoe straps is now possible with C Tec’s fast acting and effective adhesive. Moreover the unexpected nature of shoe incidents should highlight the necessity of having this super versatile adhesive always at hand. So put on your dancing shoes safe in the knowledge that a broken shoe strap will not spoil your night’s enjoyment. You no longer have to muse over problematic shoe defects – you can make your own repairs at home or on the spot as needs be without having recourse to a cobbler or shoe repairs shop. Not only is it a practical solution but also a financial saver as the cost of the remedial product is much less than the expense incurred by having the repairs made in a shoe repairs shop. Another positive aspect of CT1 Superfast plus is its constant availability especially  at times like Sundays when it would be impossible to find a shoe repairs enterprise open. You can avail of this marvellous adhesive twenty four/seven so it is extremely beneficial to have a supply at home or even in the car to counteract any possible shoe strap incidents.

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