How to make Marble Slab Installation easy with Power Grab N Bond

Finding the most effective heavy duty adhesive is the key                    

Installing marble slabs has been traditionally quite a time consuming operation with the assistance of at least two technicians or bricklayers required. However, the aesthetics of a marble finished feature wall outweigh any possible negatives or snags encountered in its installation and it does provide a focal point on the building that exudes a certain regal opulence and sophistication. What house owner would not embrace the added attraction of such an impressive facade both in terms of enhancing the exterior appearance and in increasing the value of the property. Handling such expensive and quite fragile materials requires due care and attention and attaching them to the designated wall area requires some thought, team-work and an effective heavy duty adhesive.

What are the current options regarding adhesives?

Epoxy resins used historically to glue them in position can be difficult at times to work with and can slow the installation process right down resulting in extra costs. Many alternative adhesives are unfortunately no longer available to the trade as they do not conform to directives and regulations relating to the Health and Safety standards set by the Government, whilst others have simply failed technically in their application. That situation has thankfully been reversed completely with the arrival of a solvent free heavy duty construction adhesive which is taking the construction sector by storm.

C Tec’s revolutionary industrial adhesive

Power Grab N Bond comes from the C Tec Snag List Eliminator Inventory and is revolutionising the world of adhesives. It has a unique bonding capacity and is resistant to temperature and weather extremes as well as having a good chemical resistance to oils, greases, water, seawater and diluted organic acids. Should the building location be at the seaside then you can be reassured that the prevailing onshore winds, often carrying sea spray, will not in the least degrade the marble adhesive. It possesses the unique ability to perform heavy vertical bonding whilst holding heavy slabs in vertical position with little slippage allowing total curing within 24 hours.

Why it is the most effective adhesive

 Power Grab N Bond possesses many more laudable qualities including:

  • resistance to high UV rays and fungus
  • easily applied to the marble slabs using a silicone/mastic gun.
  • It is sufficient to apply about six to eight strips of this adhesive compound to the back of the marble slab or tile – that will enable effective vertical bonding
  • An endearing aspect of this adhesive, which makes it very popular with tradesmen and DIY aficionados alike, is its capacity to allow manoeuvring of the slab into the precise position whilst offering an immediate grab on the wall. Its ability to stay in place on the horizontal plain with no slippage is a great bonus to fitters or bricklayers who can coax it right or left into the exact location.
  • Ideally marble slabs should be fitted on dry surfaces free of any debris or unwanted foreign bodies but Power Grab N Bond will adhere to damp surfaces -something that might normally throw a spanner in the works where marble slab installation is concerned.
  • Its high tensile strength providing heavy duty versatile bonding ensures that the marble stays in place and can resist vibrations and any other movement.
  • The waterproof bond and rapid cure, as well as all the other positive characteristics listed, highlights that the future of fixing is here with Power Grab N bond.
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