How to make your own jewellery repairs with Superfast Plus adhesive

Necklaces can break                                                                   

You may have a selection of costume jewellery items that you can interchange to conform with the current fashion trends or mood swings or more likely to compliment the outfit you have chosen to wear out for the evening. Disaster strikes when you are about to accessorise your outfit with a beautiful necklace that accentuates the design and enhances the cut and colour of your attire. You inadvertently drop the necklace as you are about to place it around your neck and it falls to the floor breaking some of the diamond shaped glass pieces that constitutes the frontal design focus of your necklace. Annoyance leads to despair on the realisation that you will have to choose an alternative necklace which is not what you would ideally select  to compliment  your outfit. What are you to do?

A superfast effective solution

CT1 have developed a Super Fast Plus glue to come to the rescue in such situations. It is colourless, odourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly but above all it actually bonds in a few seconds providing high tensile strength and a lasting solution. It will glue glass or glass substitute material together with no visible sign of repair and represents the ideal solution to making your own on-the-spot jewellery repairs. It is effective, economical and immediate and saves needless distress at times when a quick application can dispense with any undue concern. From a practical application perspective Superfast Plus can be applied to the broken glass bead with both broken segments being bonded together with a few drops of the glue. Adhesion and curing are almost instant, providing a repair that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practically effective. The necklace is restored to its former glory and can be worn as a complementary fashion accessory with no damage to its original integrity. The glue cost is negligible and the repair is instant, saving everyone a lot of grief and providing an excellent solution to what was formerly an intractable problem.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind with  an efficient adhesive at hand

This latest addition to CT1’s Snag List Eliminator products ensures that necklaces can be repaired as a DIY activity and moreover there is no more time lapse between discovering the damage and having it repaired. Perhaps even more important to the lady whose necklace is broken, she is spared the anguish normally caused by such an incident. She can go on to enjoy her evening freed from the stress of potentially not being able to accessorise her outfit with the desired necklace, which in itself is worth any money. In reality it takes very little expense to carry out the necessary repairs with CT1’s glue innovation. The stress free effective solution provided by Superfast Plus proves to be a real asset in any situation where a quick effective bonding solution is required. Broken necklaces do not necessarily have to be consigned to the dustbin thanks to the super efficiency of Superfast Plus in re-establishing their original pristine condition without any visible sign of the repairs.  


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