Make good leaking lean-to roofs with WT1

Hitherto non compliant solutions are now obsolete                        

Lean-to roofs should generally not present any threat of water leak if installed with due care and attention. The fact that a lean-to, by its very design, is sloping ensures that rainwater runs off quickly into guttering with no perceivable threat of water ingress. When leaks do unfortunately occur it is usually due to poorly installed or damaged lead flashing where the roof and wall intersect. Traditionally the most effective way of correcting this problem is to replace the flashing which is a time consuming and expensive procedure. There have been sealants available on the market which have proved ineffective or have since become impracticable and prohibited – with the introduction of certain Health and Safety Directives – products which previously might have seemed an acceptable solution to the problem.

A new revolutionary sealant to do the job                                

Thankfully, repairs are now possible with the arrival of a newly formulated safety compliant compound, sealant adhesive, which is proving an unequalled success. The construction industry and DIY trade have endorsed this product as a revolutionary solution to all sealant and adhesive jobs both great and small. This waterproofing technology is making all repairs possible, especially in situations where traditionally radical replacement of roof or flooring membranes was the only solution available. This combined polymer and polyurethane sealant waterproofs as it seals, providing a watertight seal that is guaranteed to last as long as the roof itself. Its chemical construction endows the product with superb bonding strength whilst allowing it to retain a flexibility that can withstand any amount of movement and also remain stable in all types of weather and atmospheric extremes.

Easy to apply solution

WT1’s ability to adhere instantly is a definite plus in the realm of challenging problems where bonding speed is essential. The marvellous molecular qualities of this product means that it can be applied straight from the tin using a brush, trowel or applicator for large area applications. It can also be applied in different densities depending on the job in hand, to provide that particularly strong waterproofed effective bond. The problem of the leaking lean-to roof becomes a simple repair solution with the application of C Tec’s water proofed sealant. With its excellent adhesion to brick, stone and concrete block it is ideal for using on all walls. It can be spread on the lead flashing and up over onto the wall providing a complete seal, using a plasterer’s trowel or whatever spreader implement is the most suitable.

Effective sealant with aesthetic appeal                              

A smooth seal can be achieved leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish. The flashing with its coat of sealant can be painted to match the wall paint, providing a colour coded end product. The integrity of the flashing is not compromised by WT1 or any paint over as it accepts most paints quite readily. The reality of using WT1 to good effect is to save huge costs in materials and labour whilst repairing a leak that will not recur in the future. With this solution, the lean to building regains its original integrity by providing dry living conditions inside.

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