How to make effective repairs to damaged lead flashing on a lean to roof

A miraculous sealant is at hand

Water leaks resulting from damaged or poorly installed lead flashing on lean to roofs can be repaired instantly and efficiently with WT1, a newly formulated compound from the renowned C Tec sealant and adhesive experts. It can be used as a stand alone product or in tandem with C Tec’s other adhesive and sealant products, which are all totally compatible – as the situation demands. Where lead develops cracks or has not been properly sealed at the wall jointing, there will certainly be a leak problem at some point. This development can be a very frustrating and irritating issue for the householder and may not become apparent until damp patches appear on the interior wall or ceiling.  Until quite recently there were certain remedial repairs accessible that could be undertaken, though it should be acknowledged, many without any real guarantee of success. This uncertain situation can add further annoyance to the beleaguered house occupant whose desire and need to remedate the problem is immediate.

A stitch in time saves nine

Repairs are essential before the damp patch deteriorates and grows to a water drip resulting in part of the damaged ceiling having to be replaced. With the onset of health, safety and environmental directives and regulations many hitherto products are no longer available which narrows the choice of sealant products that consumers can avail of. Forewarned is forearmed and quick action is required. WT1 is the solution ‘de rigueur’ for all effective leak repairs. This sealant has quickly established itself as pack leader in providing the construction industry with the best water-proofing sealant on the market. This revolutionary product represents a breakthrough in the field of waterproofing and functionally provides a 100% durable cost effective seal. It has incredible adhesion qualities enabling its effective application to practically any building material with complete efficacy. WT1’s bonding strength is formidable –  whilst retaining a certain flexibility of movement, it forms a high tensile strength bonding. It is also resistant to extremes in weather conditions and complies with health and safety regulations. WT1 is solvent -free and will cure in temperatures between -40 degrees and 100 degrees centigrade within 24 hours. Its unshrinkable and crack-free characteristics help it not only withstand the normal pressures of weather and temperature fluctuations, but also make it the most suitable product for the most challenging circumstances.

Application of the sealant is easy

As regards application, it can be poured or applied straight from the tin onto the target area and then spread with a brush, custom brushlike applicator or trowel, depending on the density being applied and the condition of the material it is being applied to. WT1 has been lauded as the product that enabled the completion of very large projects where other proprietary sealants had failed. It is proving to be the perfect solution to problematic roofs including dicey lead flashing applications. Though professional labour can be deployed to make the necessary repairs, it is possible for a DIY orientated person to do the same job satisfactorily if they exercise due care and follow the product manufacturer’s application advice. The old adage ‘ use the best and forget the rest’ rings true and certainly applies in this instance where WT1 is accepted as the best product of its type on the market to do the job quickly, economically, professionally and effectively.

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