How to make effective repairs to damaged concrete walkways using WT1

Warning signs of needed repairs

For those residents living in apartments with concrete walkways or decks there is the ever present threat of surface damage from extreme weather conditions and environmental vulnerabilities. Coastal locations are particularly exposed to conditions that are erosive and corrosive. Structures in these areas  are unguarded from degradation due to the erosive quality of chloride and moisture in the marine environment. It is well documented and accepted that water penetration in concrete causes serious corrosion and can even attack steel reinforcing. With concrete walkways spalling can be the result of a number of events such as moisture penetration and concrete susceptibility to freezing conditions.

Call to action

When signs of concrete spalling and cracking begin to appear immediate remediation is required to halt and repair the degradation that could, if left untreated, result in expensive structural recovery or walkway replacement. Alarm bells start ringing for the uninitiated resident whose building and repair knowledge is minimal. Apprehension and even fear at the thought of huge repair costs may inhibit any immediate reaction to the situation and lead to a worsening scenario where  deteriorating damage spirals out of control. If they were only aware that a durable waterproof solution was at their disposal their greatest worries would be dispelled at once with a one off effective application of WT1.

WT1 – the best solution

This revolutionary sealant protects the integrity of the structure and provides a lasting seamless solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. One of C Tec’s inventory of sealant/adhesives WT1 works well in tandem with CT1 and Power Grab N Bond to provide the ultimate waterproofing sealant. Its chemical structure represents a newly formulated compound with a combined polymer and polyurethane union that provides a formidable bonding strength. Whilst strong, it retains resistance to movement and the extreme elements of weather and temperature. It is proven to outperform conventional membranes and protect the substrate from any further environmental damage or weather erosion. It is the perfect solution to damaged concrete walkways or decks especially in the context where many hitherto sealants are no longer available due to health and safety regulations and environmental considerations.

Sealant application made easy

From an application perspective, WT1’s liquid form permits straight from the container coverage of the walkway surface. Joints can be cleaned out and sealed with CT1 for the perfect preparation before applying WT1 for that top water sealed coat of protective sealant. WT1 can be applied in different densities, depending on the demands of the task in hand and can be spread with an applicator, trowel or brush to provide a water repellant tight bond that is non-slip and complies with the latest government directives on health and safety and carbon footprint control. Its great gap filling propensity ensures that every crack and crevice is fully filled and levelled to the overall specification. WT1’s fast curing capability means that the walkway will not be out of service for very long and will not inconvenience residents for any longer than necessary.

WT1 is acclaimed as top sealant – across Europe

This versatile sealant is now recognised universally across Europe as the Number one Sealant to the Construction Industry. It is the stock in trade sealant to both the Construction Industry  and the DIY sector.

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