How to make effective handy car repairs

Failing to prepare means preparing to fail

For the gap year students who decide to buy a car and head off on their travels either at home or abroad, a useful piece of advice is to ensure they always have a container of CT1 Sealant Adhesive close at hand. Cars of a certain age, just like their human counterparts, can develop operational problems which require immediate attention. Vehicles are susceptible to sustaining damage when driving through rough terrain or making lengthy steep ascents, or when facing very wet or saturated ground. Imagine breaking down in a remote area where there would be no immediate help available – your forward planning should include a contingency so you are well prepared for such an eventuality. 

Forewarned is forearmed

That is where C Tec’s magical sealant could prove a life-saver. Should a mechanical problem arise such as a leaking water hose, radiator, brake fluid pipe, or a body issue occur such as a broken strut, damaged panels boot cover or bonnet, you have a quick fix at hand. Based on testimonies provided by participants in long distance rallies CT1 has resolved many mechanical problems encountered in the course of the event. On one particular occasion when two drivers attempted a world record driving from the UK to South Africa, they deviated from the normal route to circumvent certain African countries by driving down the continental East coast. The diversion led them into territory which proved very hostile driving terrain. The result was many breakdowns which would have inflicted undue delays but for the aid of this Sealant Adhesive. It was used to great effect in repairing leaking hoses and in literally keeping parts of the body together. Though they did not break the world record they finished the journey in one piece thanks to C Tec’s revolutionary sealant product.

Having a constant supply at hand could be a life-saver

The same principle could be applied in theory to any driving adventure undertaken by anyone and especially by students whose mechanical knowledge and driving experiences may be very limited. Unfortunately in breakdown situations where lives may be threatened by severe weather conditions or other exceptional events, it is imperative that there is immediate tangible help available to resolve the problem. In the event of not having the spare part or mechanical help available to make the necessary on the spot repairs, the Snag List Eliminator could literally be a life-saver in providing a temporary solution that allows the driver to continue their journey to a place where professional repairs can be carried out.

C Tec’s revolutionary Sealant is worth its weight in gold

Considering the experiences of those who have actually used this revolutionary product to make good mechanical and body repairs we can feel reassured that the CT1 fix was effective and long lasting as testified by mechanics who were later engaged in installing the proper parts. The fact that this Sealant adheres to practically any material makes it a universally applicable solution to leak problems. Its instant curing and bonding qualities also make it an indispensable travelling companion that can be totally relied on to pull you out of difficult  mechanical situations. It represents undoubtedly the gold standard of all sealants.

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