How to make effective boat repairs

Boat Repairs – CT1 is the right sealant for the job

Boat builders and maintenance crews who worked in boat building yards over the years were continually having conversations about sealants and adhesives in an effort to find solutions that worked best. Much has progressed since then and conversations have changed.

Differentiating between Sealant and Adhesive

Boat building and maintenance has  developed and moved on from the nineteenth century practices when ships were carved out of tree trunks and were waterproofed with sealant derived from plant extract. Almost two centuries later the conversation centres around which adhesive or sealant does the repair job best. With a huge selection on the market it is very often a situation of trial and error to find the most efficient. Boat veterans were used to differentiating between sealant and adhesive in the repair and maintenance of their boats.Their search was often prompted by the confused view of both as presented by dictionary definitions but for boaters the requirement remains the same – the provision of a product that seals and glues in one process and that proves effective as well as long lasting. Many products have been tried in the process of finding that perfect solution and boaters have discovered a product that ticks all the right boxes in providing an effective adhesive seal to leaking boats.

A new sealant – the perfect fix for boat repairs

CT1 Sealant Adhesive is the perfect fit for their repairs and maintenance requirements and fulfils every perceivable criteria in providing the best solution. Not only is it right for boat repairs but it has become an essential tool in the boat builder’s kit. DIY enthusiasts are also commending it to their fellow boating fraternity as the long awaited miraculous answer to their boat repair needs. They assert that it actually does “what it says on the tin”- something that they do not endorse without very good reason. This revolutionary sealant is being currently used to great effect on practically all materials including wood, fibreglass, carbon fibre materials, aluminium steel and polystyrene. Since these are all used extensively in the boating industry it is music to the ears of boat repairs and maintenance personnel that the product is compatible with these materials and also many more not listed. The beauty of using CT1 is that no other fixings are required.

Sealant characteristics  

Maintenance crew testify that their job has been made easier with a sealant that is the perfect solution to crack and erosion repairs. With instant cure and excellent bonding it is a dream product for all boaters. It also possesses other endearing qualities such as: resistance to vibration and movement which are essential elements in boat repair and maintenance; applicable in wet or dry conditions; provides a paintable surface; is UV resistant; and is  long lasting. In terms of health and safety compliance this super efficient adhesive/sealant is odourless, contains no solvents or dangerous chemicals and is generally environmentally friendly.

Easy application and aesthetically pleasing finish

A question that is always foremost in boaters’ minds is how repairs will affect the boat’s aesthetics. With the use of CT1 boats can be returned to their beautiful original condition mainly thanks to the products ability to spread easily, access those cracks or even eroded areas that need repair and give a smooth finish that will not distort the normal outlines of the architecture. If the repair is in an eye-catching location it is worth taking time to protect and prepare the adjacent areas. With this sealant being paintable you can restore the surface to its beautiful gleaming original condition with no visible signs of repairs having been made.

Thanks to CT1- the all in one sealant adhesive- boat repairs and maintenance have become almost run of the mill for owners and technicians who are assured of successful results.