What to Look for in a Construction Adhesive

When searching for the perfect construction adhesive or sealant, there are a number of factors to look out for. Depending on your project, you may need a sealant that is water resistant, chemical resistant, odourless or multi-purpose etc. Before you choose your adhesive, it is important to know what you’re looking for. Take notes of the different product characteristics required to fulfil your needs and search for an adhesive that can lie up to these expectations. Below, we are going to go over some of the most important characteristics for modern day sealants and adhesives:

Water Resistant

This quality is especially important for adhesives that will be exposed to the elements. Many adhesives simply cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. This is why they lose their adhesion over time and the bond usually fails. In times like this, you’ll need a waterproof adhesive that can adhere in wet conditions. CT1 from C-TEC is a water-resistant sealant and construction adhesive ideal for such applications. It is used to repair gutter leaks and boating leaks, as well as sealing bath tubs and showers.

Strong Bond

The strength of your construction adhesive is crucial, especially for heavy-duty applications. If you need to vertically bond materials such as stone, brick, concrete and stone etc. you can trust Power Grab ‘n’ Bond to get the job done. This strong heavy-duty adhesive is made for such applications, creating permanent bond between even the most difficult materials.

Flexible and Adaptable

Many materials require a flexible adhesive that can resist movement and tolerate vibrations etc. CT1 is a flexible sealant with a 350% elongation rate. This makes CT1 the most adaptable and flexible construction sealant in the market.

Safe to User and Base Material

It is important to find a construction adhesive that is safe for the user and the base material. Thankfully, CT1 is the perfect option. It provides a strong bond between a huge range of materials. It also does so without affecting the synthetic material beneath the surface of the bond.


Safety is very important when it comes construction work and finding the perfect adhesive is no different. CT1 is chemical resistant and 100% non-toxic. EC1 & EC1 A+ Certified, CT1 is the safest and most effective construction adhesive available.

Bonds a Variety of Materials

CT1 has the power to bond a huge range of materials. This is just one reason why it has quickly become the world’s best number one sealant and adhesive for construction purposes. This remarkable sealant and construction adhesive bonds metal, lead, plastic, wood, glass, tiles and mirror with ease. It also works well with other products from the C-TEC range such as WT1 and Multisolve.

If you would like to find out more about this product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at CT1 for more product information and info about where to find your nearest distributer.

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