How to keep body and sole together with CT1 Superfast plus

Assessing the damage to a soleless shoe

It is a bit of a nightmare to lose the sole of your shoe particularly when it happens at the most inconvenient of times. This unexpected event can occur through clipping the edge or toe of the sole on a protruding edge or paving stone whilst walking along the street. There is normally an underlying causal issue with the sole that leaves it vulnerable and predisposed to incidental damage. For example a shoe sole can lose its adhesion with upper through constant wear and tear or the leaching of water. Once the separation happens your shoes or boots take on a completely different aspect. Fashion conscious wearers are faced with the dilemma of repairing or replacing the footwear altogether.  If they are a cherished pair of shoes that you would like to continue wearing, the only solution is to glue the sole back on. The problem with this solution historically is finding a glue that works long term notwithstanding the cost of having them repaired by a local cobbler with the immediate inconvenience of being without your shoes for a day or two.

Making effective repairs with an efficient adhesive

There is now an alternative solution with the availability of CT1’s Superfast plus which glues surfaces together almost instantly creating a strong, long-lasting bond. This one component adhesive does not contain any solvents and is temperature resistant. Its chemical formulation makes it also resistant to oils solvents and benzene and atmospheric conditions. No matter wherever and whenever shoe soles require fixing Superfast Plus can provide the necessary on-the-spot repairs and preempt any potential annoyance or stress precipitated by the loss of your sole.

Superfast Plus and Superfast Activator combine to provide the perfect bond  

As the product is colourless it can be used without fear of degrading the joint or upper of the shoe ensuring the footwear retains its integrity and original manufacturer’s pristine look. The sole is probably the most important part of the shoe and since it is in constant friction with the ground, is the likeliest area to fall foul to wear and tear issues requiring rehabiliting repairs.  For all porous materials it is advisable to apply a few drops of Superfast Plus Activator first, a complimentary product from C Tec, to create a  better bonding surface for C Tec’s adhesive product to act most efficiently. For fast shoe sole repairs rely on this remedy that is tested and proven as the most effective glue on the market. By always having this product at your immediate disposal you will never be caught short by unanticipated accidents or events where your shoes are concerned.

Other useful footwear applications                         

Superfast Plus is also very useful for repairing dancing pumps soles and ballroom dancing shoes that have smooth leather soles for gliding around the floor. It is also very compatible with various other materials and compounds including rubber, polyurethane and PVC compounds. Superfast plus does not differentiate between different types of soles or their intended application as it works on all types of surfaces whether for traction, grip, glide or a combination for trekking or hill walking. The common denominator in terms of all footwear repairs is the CT1 Snag List Eliminator glue product. Regardless of type of sole and surface texture effective on the spot repairs can be carried out on all foot wear soles with the assistance of this wonderful glue. You are guaranteed never to be left stranded in future when you have the ideal solution for keeping your shoe upper and sole together. Circumstances and location matter little as long as you have the miracle-worker glue to hand to make instant repairs

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