Instant Repairs to a leaking domestic radiator with Miracle Seal

An immediate solution to water leaks

When a radiator in your home heating system develops a leak the immediate feeling is one of panic and helplessness. There is no handbook solution for the uninitiated who have no knowledge of plumbing or heating systems and cannot effect an immediate repair. Feelings of inadequacy can fast transform into despair if a damaging leak continues unchecked. However there is an immediate solution in the form of Miracle Seal that can actually represent a permanent fix if the leak is not too serious.

Active features of sealing formula

This revolutionary sealant is designed to actually do what it claims. Its application will provide an instant seal in the heating system, stopping the radiator leak immediately. C Tec have developed this sealant product specifically for the Construction industry and it has been endorsed across many European countries where Builders Suppliers stock it and supply it to both the Building Trade and DIY customers. Its unique new chemical formulation ensures that its lubrication additives are non corrosive. Its antifreeze contains a rust inhibitor which prevents the radiators from clogging up and from  disrupting the flow of water in the system. This sealant product also has the liquid consistency to access every nook and cranny ranging from the radiators to the pipes and water pump, sealing any possible leaks throughout the entire heating architecture.

Treatment preempts potential water damage

The problem with a leaking radiator is that the unresolved issue can only deteriorate causing grief and physical  destruction to flooring so procrastination is not a realistic approach. Sometimes a plumber will immediately decide to replace the radiator without any recourse to trying an alternative solution probably in the ignorance of an effective alternative being available. For those who have used it this miracle sealer has become the default solution to leaking radiators. In many circumstances it has become a permanent repair job with no extra financial outlay required, so effecting a cost savings for the hapless householder.

Simple effective application

Its resistance to movement and vibration, like its other stablemates in the C Tec Inventory of Snag List Eliminator sealants/adhesives, makes it an ideal fix for leaking radiator /pipe joint connections. In domestic situations even the man of the house, with responsibility for all things technical, is delighted and relieved to find a sealant product that is an efficient and long lasting repair solution to radiator leaks. What historically would have constituted a crisis in any household, with no immediate redress, has become a mere domestic trifle with deployment of the instant repair kit that is Miracle Seal. The solution is fast and effective – simply pour the sealant into the header tank of the heating system and watch the radiator leak dry up. Domestic calm is restored  thanks to a sealant product that not only works efficiently but also dispenses with the unnecessary expense of having to purchase a replacement radiator. You can have total peace of mind by always ensuring that you keep a supply of Miracle Seal at home to resolve any further radiator leaks that might occur.

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