Installing interior or exterior marble tiles – the perfect fix with Power Grab N Bond

Rich tiles add sophistication but how do you attach them securely?                                         

Marble Tiles can make such a huge difference in any interior area of the home. They have become an extremely popular feature in kitchens both on walls and floors enriching the surroundings with an opulent ambience and a touch of Eastern promise. Reminiscent of Moorish architectural masterpieces such as the Alhambra in Spain, they imply mystery, wealth, cleanliness, coolness, calm and a certain joie de vivre that  symbolises the lavishly opulent interiors of Mediterranean and Eastern palaces. More and more interior designers are including marble tile features throughout new homes. They can be a statement of superior taste or quite simply a practical solution to providing clean maintenance- free flooring and a metaphorically cool interior oasis. Many modern homes have their bathrooms and ensuites finished in marble tiles or slabs to add a degree of instant refinement, elegance and worldliness and to make a visual social comment.

Install with a revolutionary effective adhesive

However, behind all the dazzlingly beautiful aesthetics  of marble tiling there is the very practical aspect of installation. Measuring and cutting to size, are the initial issues in providing the required marble product for the job, but installation is the skill that ensures the desired material finish is achieved. To that end it is vitally important to choose an adhesive that will effectively do what it claims. Many possible choices are limited by their unavailability through not having complied with Health and Safety Directives and Regulations. Others that prove ineffective from a technical perspective are also not an option. There is however a newly formulated waterproof heavy duty adhesive that qualifies on all counts and also does exactly what it says on the tin – it is Power Grab N Bond – a CTec Adhesive product that is endorsed by the construction industry and by many builder suppliers across Europe. Their endorsement is not lightly given and is predicated upon the excellent results extolling its virtues. Product excellence reviews, reflecting the adhesive’s effectiveness, have been recorded by tradesmen right across the continent.

It is a universally recognised capabilities

It has a unique bonding quality that enables vertical as well as horizontal installation. Its high initial grab however still allows tile movement so that it can be positioned exactly where you want it. The wonderful thing in vertical fitting is the capacity of C Tec’s industrial strength adhesive to hold the marble tile in place with little slippage whilst allowing positioning of the tile as required. This exceptional solvent free adhesive has other commendable characteristics that contribute to its overall popularity and success. It is resistant to most chemicals, also to high UV and fungus and provides superb bonding between all materials such as concrete, gypsum board, glass, plastics, metals, most stones and ceramics. The marble tiles are guaranteed to stay securely in position even with unusual movement or vibration and they are also resistant to seawater, chlorine and most chemicals.

How to apply the adhesive

The application of the adhesive compound is very easy with the use of a silicone/ mastic gun. Apply four to six strips of the adhesive to the rear of the tile which is ample to ensure adequate bonding. Of course, when tiling, the tiler has to exercise the care necessary to provide a professional finish with every job. With Power Grab N Bond the job can be completed very quickly and efficiently. The here and now solution to much improved marble installation is C Tec’s revolutionary adhesive compound.

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