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More and more people are requesting information on CT1 Sealant. It came onto the market 5 years ago after several years of intense and vital research and development. There was a massive hole in the market which craved a unique sealant. A product that could bond any material, work both on wet and dry surfaces and deliver high quality performing results. CT1 was the answer. Conventional sealants on the market, which were numerous in variations and empty promises, each failed to actively do what they described.

CT1 sealant’s unique ground breaking formulation of a hybrid polymer replaces all sealants in just one cartridge. With great power, comes great responsibility and this couldn’t be more true than with this spectacular product which has become widely recognised as the definitive development in bonding and sealing. It provides a wonderful adhesion on any material and after applying the product just once, you will never again have to return to the problem with additional fixings. C-Tec provides in-depth info on this product, both on our website and detailed info by telephone.

It contains no solvents and is 100% Ecologically compliant, which makes it the ultimate environmental product. It can be applied on wet surfaces and even underwater which makes it the perfect sealant for baths, showers, pools, roofs, tanks, floors, boats and virtually anything. Unlike other sealants, this one can deliver on its promises for an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bonding solution which is why so many people use it for boating and marine maintenance. Using CT1 underwater is simple and requires a single application to battle the problem. It can be painted using any type of paint which can help to make the presence of the sealant blend in more seamlessly with the rest of the applied structure. Speaking of structure, this sealant can be structured as required and acts as the perfect filler.
It will never shrink, crack or sag and is completely odourless. The only evidence that it is present will be the fact that the problem has been fixed. With no foul smell radiating from the product, you don’t have to worry about lingering odours or bad smells long after the product has been applied. It will also perform as a construction adhesive that will bond numerous materials such as glass, metals, plastic, mirrors, tiles, concrete, stone, and fibreglass – almost anything.

CT1 is UV resistant and conforms to ISEGA Standards. It is able to fully accommodate movement and holds an excellent resistance against vibration. This unique flexibility makes this product the envy of all other sealants on the market which cannot stand up against the incredibly high standards that C-Tec have set for CT1. With no isocyanates and no harmful solvents of any kind, CT1 is the safest option available. For instant repair or bonding with carbon fibre materials and fibre glass, this all-in-one sealant, adhesive and filler is all you’ll ever need.

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CT1 Sealant and Construction Adhesive – The Snag List Eliminator!