The Importance of Food Safe Adhesives

If you need to bond kitchen countertops and other appliances etc. you’ll need a food safe sealant such as CT1 from C-TEC. This successfully bonds marble, glass, metal, wood and tiles etc. as required. Use it to renovate your kitchen, replace old worktops and install new appliances in the kitchen.

CT1 is also perfect for sealing pipework on kitchen equipment. This includes coffee machines, automatic dispensers and more. If you need to repair appliances, fix leaks and attach certain materials together, a food safe adhesive is ideal.

CT1 is also great for bonding handles to cutlery. This comes in handy if you have some knives, forks and spoons etc. that need repairing. You can also use this sealant for other assemblies and applications around the kitchen. This includes  repairing kitchen utensils, handles on pots, tea caddies and novelty items about the house.

This durable construction sealant provides unique adhesion on virtually any material without requiring additional fixings further down the line. It has an excellent resistant to chemicals and is non-toxic. This is just one of the reasons why CT1 is ideal for use in the kitchen. It also prevents fungal growth and is bacterial resistant, which means it will not encourage mould to grow and multiply on its surface.

CT1 is 100% food sage and conforms to ISEGA standards. It is also water resistant, which is great for kitchen use when accidental spills are just a part of the territory. CT1 resists the effects of water and prevents moisture from seeping through the material to jeopardise the original bond created by the sealant.

If you need to place down new worktops in your kitchen, you need to remove the previous worktop. This involves cleaning traces of the remaining sealant or adhesive previously used. This is where Multisolve from C-TEC comes in handy since it can work alongside CT1 to provide a smooth and clean finish to the joints. It is also the best solvent to remove old adhesives, sealants, silicone, grease, oil, wax, tar and paraffin etc. Simply spray the solution on the unwanted adhesives and in a matter of minutes. Multisolve ensures that the area is ready for treatment.

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