How to support floating shelves on a plasterboard wall.

The best way to support floating shelves on a plasterboard wall is to deploy a tried and tested hybrid polymer adhesive that is safe and effective and provides a long lasting bonding solution. The traditional method of using L shaped metal supports screwed into the wall is a time consuming and often hit and miss operation. Studs at 16 inch intervals do not provide sufficient grounds for attaching either short runs or longer runs of wall shelving. You have to resort to butterfly type plasterboard cavity wall fittings to which you can attach the metal shelf supports. In the round it is a labour intensive and time consuming means of supporting floating shelves on a plasterboard wall. The challenge presented by this situation is to find an effective bonding solution that will support the shelves without any additional fixings. There are adhesives on the market that claim the capability of fulfilling this task but on scrutiny fall short on expectation. Their product safe and efficiency credentials do not provide the effective performance lauded in their marketing promotion and poor results have failed to make a positive impact as a drill and screw replacement methodology. However, a new revolutionary adhesive/sealant with a unique formulation has the right pedigree as an efficient replacement for drill and screw strategy. It possesses incredible bonding strength and a capacity to provide a long lasting adhesive solution.

Revolutionary adhesive provides unequalled performance.

The most talked about adhesive/sealant to come on the market in recent times is the brainchild of CT1. The eponymous bonding agent is unparalleled in its structural formulation and is a multi functional adhesive product that was developed with the Construction Industry in mind. The sum total of its components make it the most popular bonding product across a range of industries and businesses in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. It is by design compatible with practically all materials and provides a high tensile strength bond that is even stronger than the material itself. Its instant grab quality combined with an enigmatic flexibility allows for material movement whilst retaining its bonding integrity. Innovative in its ability to be spread effectively under water, this solvent free agent delivers a sealed adhesive capability that is watertight and long lasting. Its powerful bonding performance combined with its longevity and product safe credentials makes it the ‘go to’ adhesive of choice for an ever growing number of industrial and construction operatives. It is also resistant to UV which prevents product shrinkage, cracking and disintegration. As a product that ticks all the essential criteria boxes CT1 adhesive/sealant has firmly established itself as the ‘Snag List Eliminator’, a one stop adhesive/sealant for all bonding applications

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