How to Stick Wood to Metal

Sticking wood to metal has been a challenging task for many years. There are a number of factors as to why this has been so difficult to achieve, but the fundamentals are that both materials are situated at complete opposite ends of the raw material composition. This makes bonding the two incredibly challenging, especially when you aren’t using the right adhesive for the job.

Wood in its nature is low density and much softer that metal. Wood contains high rates of expansion and contraction in comparison to metal.  This creates an almost impossible long term bond between Wood and Metal. A sealant and adhesive is needed that will be able to accommodate the movement of wood whilst keeping both of the materials securely bonded together.

In general, when someone is trying to Stick Wood to Metal the choice of products are normally a one component mastic which invariably fails due to a lack of flexibility. A two component epoxy falls into the same pitfalls. The only solution to the problem of how to Stick Wood to Metal is CT1 the Snag List Eliminator.

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer construction adhesive that will create a formidable permanent bond that will Stick Wood to Metal. CT1 is an environmentally safe product, that when cured will remain very strong and flexible, that will move in conjunction with the expansion and contraction of the Wood and Metal. It’s ability to accommodate slight to large variations of movement makes CT1 the ideal solution to bond metal and wood.

In addition to its flexible nature, CT1 can withstand water exposure. It is bacterial, fungal and water resistant. This is great news for use outdoors where the materials may be exposed to the elements. Wood is quite absorbent, which is why it requires a waterproof sealant that will be durable enough to withstand water whilst remaining adhered to the materials. It will never mould or lose its initial grab. Simply apply the solution directly from the cartridge – it’s so simple!

CT1 also bonds successfully with other materials such as glass, tiles, mirror, concrete, plastic and ceramic etc. It is commonly used as a construction sealant but due to its simplicity, almost anyone can use it without any trouble. This sealant will never shrink, crack or sag. It is durable, strong and powerful.

Before applying CT1, it is advised to properly prepare the materials for adhesion. In preparation it is advisable to clean the metal, and C-Tec’s Multisolve is the perfect paper writing solution for this. Multisolve is a unique safe aliphatic solvent which is fantastic for degreasing and removing tar, wax, silicon, adhesives and a multitude of deposits. Once cleaned, you have a perfectly smooth and clean surface to work with. This will make adhesion occur much faster and without any hassles.

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