How to Stick Wood to Brick

How to Stick Wood to Brick is a question many building merchants are faced with constantly. The products they offer to Stick Wood to Brick are one component mastics or panel adhesives. These are not a solution to Stick Wood to Brick because even if you do achieve a bond it isn’t permanent.
These one component mastics need to have a perfectly dry surface in order to Stick the Wood to Brick. Even if the surface is dry the initial grab is very poor and thus needs to be supported or tacked in with small panel pins which brings you back to square one, nailing Wood to Brick instead of Sticking Wood to Brick.
The easy solution to Sticking Wood to Brick is CT1 The Snag List Eliminator. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer for the ultimate bond when you need to Stick Wood to Brick.
CT1 will Stick Wood to Brick even when the surface is wet, actually it helps the speed of adhesion as moisture is a catalyst to cure CT1. When you have made your bond between the Wood and Brick, CT1 will remain flexible and will expand and contract with the joint. CT1 contains no solvents therefore will never shrink or attack the Wood.
CT1 will Stick all Woods to Brick or Stone. The initial grab of CT1 is very high but if the application of Sticking Wood to Brick  necessitates a heavy duty vertical bond our Power Grab n Bond is the ultimate solution. © Copyright.


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