How to stick heavy plaster coving in place.

Heavy plaster coving is traditionally stuck or attached in place by drilling into it and screwing it to grounds or rawl plugs in the ceiling and wall. It is a time consuming, labour intensive operation that can be expensive depending on how much coving has to be fitted. It requires the dusty task of drilling the wall for rawl plugs and screws and then locating grounds in the ceiling into which you can countersink self tapping screws to hold the coving in place. Fitting coving is a skilled process and takes experienced operatives to do it professionally. Those operatives are only too aware of the need for a better method of sticking the plaster coving neatly in place that is fast, effective, more economical and cleaner. The challenge is to find that utopian solution which is a much better alternative method of sticking plaster coving in place than the conventional modus operandi.  Actually there are a number of adhesives on the market that claim the ability to stick literally anything in place but the reality unfortunately belies the claims and performance in most instances is sub standard. However there is a silver lining in the relatively recent development of a heavy duty adhesive by a Company named CT1. Designed specifically for the building sector it is formulated for extraordinary performance with a bonding strength that is resistant to impact, vibration and weather extremes. It works equally well with both interior and exterior bonding applications to provide perfect high tensile strength adhesion.

A new heavy duty bonding agent to the rescue.

Ct1’s revolutionary new heavy duty bonding product is named Power Grab n Bond, its name reflecting its powerful properties as a versatile all applications adhesive that has been endorsed by trades operatives from a range of industries including the Construction Trade for which it was designed. That is the reason for its unique formulation which consists of components that endow it with the efficiency acclaimed by product users in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Widely endorsed as the one stop adhesive for practically all bonding applications it has taken the world of adhesives by storm by placing itself at the top of the adhesive pile – the best in kind product to the Construction Industry. Its popularity among the DIY sector has increased exponentially with growing product demand across Europe as a realistic replacement for drilling. Power Grab n Bond defies logic with its vertical bonding capacity and possesses attributes that set it apart from the competition. It is impervious to water penetration, is non corrosive, provides strong mechanical bonds while remaining flexible and replaces all fixings and supports. Designed for the toughest jobs this amazing adhesive bonds practically any material with instant high grab and extremely strong curing. This revolutionary bonding agent is made to last with no compromise on bonding performance.

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