How to Seal Gutters

How to seal gutters is a question a lot of people ask? Gutters and downspouts are constructed of many separate parts and pieces. The basic gutter pieces are commonly offered in standard 10′ lengths and are usually made of aluminium, plastic or galvanized metal. These are the basic gutter materials used for most gutter and downspout installations. The slip connector is used to connect two pieces of guttering in the run. To seal gutters the connecting joint is usually sealed with mastic or caulk silicone sealant to prevent leakage. This is where the problem starts when sealing gutters. After using mastic or caulk silicone sealants when sealing gutters they work for while but then breakdown because they have solvents in them. Over time it evaporates and with U.V exposure this is why your sealed gutters are not sealed anymore and start to leak. Hence the frequently asked question “How to seal gutters”. C-Tec has a product called CT1 Sealant it’s a unique sealant and construction adhesive all in one product and is perfect for sealing gutters.

CT1 Sealant is a hybrid polymer that has no solvent in it, and is guaranteed never shrink or crack. Another down side to using ordinary silicone sealant is you can’t apply it onto wet surfaces. This is not a problem for CT1 Sealant as it will seal gutters if they are wet or even underwater. The end cap ends the run of guttering and is available for left- or right-hand use. Some styles must be sealed with either caulk or mastic. The tried and tested solution to permanently seal gutters is CT1 Sealant. But remember whenever working at heights, use a ladder correctly positioned. Take care when working at the top of a ladder, do not try to overreach yourself while you are sealing your gutters.

In conclusion: How to Seal Gutter?

Answer: CT1 The Snag List Eliminator
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