How to seal a swimming pool

As with any problem, prevention is better than cure, but this is often not the case, and cure is more often needed…… CT1 the revolutionary sealant, will prevent leaks in your swimming pool and also seal your swimming pool leak indefinitely.
CT1 more affectionately known amongst trade’s people, as “The Snag List Eliminator”. If trades people use CT1 the first time around, they will never have to re-visit the job or need to go through the snag list, as is a must with any new development or completed project.
CT1 the number 1 sealant on the market, has replaced nearly several of the daily trades and construction products that are used in everyday projects. Its unique hybrid polymer formulation allows CT1 to seal leaks in swimming pools, underwater, with 1 bar of pressure, without draining the swimming pool and will not grow fungus or bacteria. CT1 with its unique formula will never have bacteria showing its unsightly head, and will therefore never have to be stripped and replaced. CT1 will not only seal a swimming pool, it will also seal ponds and has no adverse effect on fish or any marine life it also has a food certificate and can be used around food preparation areas!!
CT1 should always be used on any job to avoid repairs and inevitably leaks, CT1 has the ability to withstand negative hydrostatic pressure which causes leaks in swimming pools and underground concrete water tanks. CT1 the number 1 sealant has amazing flexibility and extreme durability makes CT1 the number 1 swimming pool sealant and is the best solution for any pool waterproofing and pool leak repair.
CT1 is also the number 1 construction adhesive on the market and will not only prevent and repair a leak in your swimming pool it will also form the strongest bond with any construction material that there is (excluding polypropylene). If you decide to bond another material or add on to your water feature you can use CT1 for this job as well…The uses are endless, not only excellent for sealing leaks in swimming pools, but also for water features, for ponds, aquariums and submarine maintenance.
Sealing a leak in swimming pool was never so easy, CT1 the number 1 sealing for swimming pools, has been now made available to end users and domestic users and is not now just for tradesmen but can be used at home and when sealing a leak in your own swimming pool…. if you’re lucky enough to have one!
Sealing a leak in a swimming pool, costs a lot of money, is time consuming and more than a one man job. But CT1 has changed the procedure and logical steps of sealing a leak in a swimming pool forever. Now 1 man, 1 step and 1 product!

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