How to seal a hidden leaking heating pipe

Once aware of the hidden leaking heating pipe it is essential to repair the leak at once to avoid possible flooding and damage to the immediate area. Should the leaking pipe be located in the ceiling space procrastination could mean expensive repairs where extensive damage to plasterboard could be the result of water leakage over a period of time. A similar uninvited financial outlay could equally be caused by heating pipes leaking underfloor or sunken in a block wall. Substantial costs could be incurred in purchasing parts and making good the necessary material repairs. Preemptive action or immediate repairs can offset unnecessary financial outlay and frayed nerves. The most efficient and cost effective answer to this problem is to find a non invasive  repair solution that will save on time, money and anxiety. The only effective quick fix in this scenario is an efficient liquid sealant that can be poured into the heating system without causing any collateral damage to the pipes, water pump, thermostatic valves, joints or network seals. The only difficulty is sourcing such a product – one that is effective and safe. There are a number of proprietary liquid sealants that fit the criteria for effectiveness but on closer scrutiny do not comply with safety requirements. The ideal product will seal the leak without damaging or compromising any mechanical or working part of the heating system and those attributes are found in one particular sealant product that is relatively new to the market.

A revolutionary new sealant cures hidden water pipe leaks permanently.

A recent product development by C Tec, the home of a family of successful sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry, has provided a long awaited solution to the problem of repairing leaking hidden heating pipes. The eponymous Miracle Seal is the result of an intensive product research and development project to invent a revolutionary liquid sealant. C Tec have developed a sealant product that fits all the criteria for an instant, safe, effective and permanent water leak repair. This is truly a miraculous and timely invention for both the Construction Industry and the DIY sector who ceaselessly extol the virtues of this new sealant. This amazing product seals not only the immediate leak but also the complete system mitigating the potential of any future leaks anywhere in the heating network. It seals immediately on application with no collateral damage to the pipes or any part of the heating system including the seals in the circulation pump. The sealant’s components contain lubricants that protect any seals in the system from degradation and also ensures the system is protected against any more leaks –  an insurance against having to revisit any similar leaks in the future. It is compatible with any inhibitors already in the system so is completely safe in that respect. Miracle Seal comes in a handy bottle and can be easily poured into the heating system after a few minutes shaking to ensure the liquid is smooth and fluid. Repairing hidden water leaks no longer presents a problem and the cure can be applied in a few minutes with astounding positive results. Miracle Seal is the miraculous solution to leaking water pipes.

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