How to Seal a Concrete Pool

Sealing a concrete pool may not sound like the most technically difficult task to tackle, but in fact can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome.

CT1 is now commonly known as the number 1 sealant on the market. It will repair your leaks instantly but is now been widely used as a prevention rather than cure. It has changed the world of sealing. But how one can seal a concrete pool successfully and be guaranteed an indefinite seal that will never have to be repaired or revisited again?

How to seal a concrete pool was in the past, a multi task job of preparing the surface of debris and dirt, making sure that the surface is dry, using different types of sealers for different parts of the pool and letting a full day for the sealer to dry. CT1 cuts all these steps out and replaces several other products in the now one step process.

This application was always moderately challenging but when using CT1 on your pool the task becomes moderately easy. Before the discovery of CT1, things that were needed were: Broom, hose and water, heavy duty gloves, plastic tarp, concrete sealer, Epoxy paint and Epoxy sealer. Using this product on the market when sealing a concrete pool: things needed. One man and 1 tube of CT1 Sealant & Adhesive.

CT1 is this century’s best discovery, replacing several products and is also the strongest construction product on the market, forming the strongest indefinite bond there is. It has a unique Hybrid polymer formulation that will also allow you to paint over the seal and prevent fungi or bacteria from growing. This is so without having to use a separate anti fungi sealant, a waterproof or an Epoxy sealant, you can now take one tube with you when you’re faced with sealing a concrete pool.

CT1 is now the number 1 pool sealant and if you use our product the first time, you can swim happily along without the fear that a leak or bacteria will spring and that your days of paddling will not be replaced with days of paying for repairs and maintenance!

CT1 is the number 1 selling sealant and strongest construction sealant & adhesive on the market.