How to replace a loose or worn nut on a guitar.

With time, humid conditions and fluctuating temperatures possible wood contraction can take place. That applies to guitars as much as any other wood product even if well seasoned wood was used in their fabrication. The nut is the little bar made from bone or more recently synthetic materials that sits at the top of the fretboard next to the head stock. Its job is to space the strings evenly over the fingerboard and as close to the first fret fingerboard without creating an open string buzz. The whole idea is to make the action as easy as possible for the comfort and convenience of the guitar player. Even in normal conditions guitar nuts can become loose which does not really impinge on your guitar playing as they will remain solidly in place until you have to change the strings. A loose nut can move sideways as you attach and tension the strings, at which point it is worthwhile securing it in place to avoid the nut slipping problem while effecting the string change. A worn nut can be replaced quite easily with the appropriate super glue solution. Having suggested using a super glue it is imperative to find the right one as there is an inherent danger of deploying one that is incompatible with the materials. The result would be a fruitless and futile bonding solution. A certain frustration has surrounded the whole issue of safe and effective adhesive solutions for securing guitar nuts in situ until quite recently when the development of a new cyanoacrylate super glue transformed the situation. The revolutionary super glue’s unique formulation provides the perfect adhesive solution for spot gluing guitar nuts in place between the fretboard and the headstock.

A new cyanoacrylate adhesive is the perfect bonding solution.

Superfast Plus is the new kid on the block as regards a cyanoacrylate adhesive and is the ideal solution for securing a nut to a guitar fretboard. This one component adhesive is chemically compatible with bone and synthetic guitar nuts and provides a strong effective bonding solution that is vice like in its grip and long lasting in its performance capability. A match made in heaven provides solace and reassurance to guitar manufacturers and DIY repair operatives alike. Materials dictate what solutions work and do not work and both the mahogany fretboard and bone nut react favourably to Superfast Plus. This revolutionary adhesive is the brainchild of CT1, a product research and development Company famous for its family of successful and illustrious adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry. Its reputation across multiple Industries, including the Construction sector has earned it accolades as the best of its kind on the market. Its main qualities are highlighted as : its superb tensile strength, versatility in being compatible with most materials, resistance to temperature extremes, solvents, oils and benzene, resistance to atmospheric fluctuations and vibration and greatly reduced risk of product shrinkage or cracking. These characteristics add up to a very proficient adhesive that is effective across a multiplicity of applications and is easily dispensed from either a bottle or aerosol to effect a lasting bond solution which is compatible with practically any material. Replacing and securing a worn or loose nut on a guitar is a piece of cake with a drop or two of Superfast Plus.

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