How to repair broken ceramic flower pots.

Broken ceramic flower pots can often be seen strewn around gardens as well as garden centres. It is so wasteful of a good product that can be effectively repaired with the right solution. Professional gardeners and the more discerning hobby gardeners opt for ceramic flower pots where possible. They provide better resistance to frost than the more ubiquitous plastic version and do not dry out as quickly. Being stronger and heavier they are a more practical solution for outside growing conditions and blend in more naturally with the garden environment. Unfortunately they can break if knocked over or if subjected to continuous and severe heavy frosts and that causes an immediate problem. Traditionally, without a repair solution the flowers or plant had to be transferred to another container leaving the broken pot discarded and thrown on the rubbish heap. This had the same implication for professional and hobby gardeners alike. For those with a more practical bent attempts at repairing the breakage were short lived and unsuccessful due solely to the ineffective glues or bonding agents they used. This raises the question to which all gardeners are seeking a workable solution. How do you repair broken ceramic flower pots with efficiency and longevity. Thankfully a revolutionary bonding and sealant product has been developed to resolve that perennial problem and it has taken the industrial world by storm such is its strength and proficiency.

A bonding agent to supersede all others is available.

Labelled the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ CT1 adhesive/sealant has been researched, developed and manufactured by a dynamic Company of the same name. Its unique formulation was designed initially with the Construction INdustry in mind. It possesses all those qualities that you would associate with a successful industrial adhesive – extreme strength, compatibility with practically all materials, odourless, non toxic, enviro friendly, instant grab and fast cure and is easily administered via an applicator nozzle that releases the correct amount of adhesive at the touch of a finger on the container product delivery trigger. It can  be applied with ease and efficiency to the broken flower pot to restore its integrity as a pretty plant container. The colourless joint becomes practically invisible as it bonds the broken pot sections back together to provide an extremely strong and long lasting bonded joint that is stronger than the ceramic material itself. This revolutionary sealant /adhesive can be applied in wet or underwater conditions with no impairment of its permanent bonding and sealing capacity. All those discarded broken flower pots can be fully restored to their original integrity as pretty flower containers saving the expense of having to replace them with new ceramic pots.

In the case of CT1 less is more so a little product goes a long way in bonding all materials together. This magical bonding solution has quickly become the ‘go to’ adhesive for operatives across a broad swathe of industries and businesses in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway and continues to be endorsed by DIY as well as professional users.

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