How to repair a leaking wooden rowing boat.

The most effective way to repair a leaking wooden rowing boat is to bond and seal the leak with a tried and tested water repellent adhesive/sealant that can withstand water pressure whilst retaining its amazing sealing and bonding prowess. Repairing a leaking rowing boat is a very responsible undertaking as you are dealing with people’s safety and perhaps a life and death situation should the repair fail while out on the water. It is however a common enough situation that has been remedied over the centuries with various kinds of natural leak repair solutions that worked fine. Those solutions had to be garnered from natural products, some very basic like pitch pine and the sap of pine trees.  Repairs took skill and time to complete with the ever present danger of the seal failing at any time with fatal results. While ancient watercraft like currachs had animal skins stretched over a wood frame they developed into boats overstretched with canvas. However sealing methods remained primitive until the modern boat used adhesive inventions to bond and seal the body of the craft. Now, there are numerous sealant products that can be used but they are not perfect solutions with some succumbing to cracking, shrinking and erosion. A revolutionary sealant/adhesive has come on the market to replace all other sealants thanks to its amazingly unique formulation and performance.

A new effective cure for marine water leaks.

An innovatively brilliant sealant/adhesive has been developed and manufactured by a dynamic Company named CT1, the creators of an inventory of powerful adhesives and sealants to the construction industry. Though designed with the building trade in mind they have wide appeal and application across a swathe of industries in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Their flagship product, the eponymously branded CT1, has been labelled ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ by the Company because of its versatility, efficiency and widespread popularity as an all applications adhesive/sealant. It is a solvent free uniquely formulated adhesive/sealant that is compatible with virtually all materials. It bonds with incredible strength and seals to provide a watertight repair solution. The wow factor associated with the product is its capacity to seal and glue underwater with no compromise on its bonding capacity. That is a reason why it is so popular in the marine industry since it is perfect for underwater repairs on boats leaking below the waterline. It is also ideal for boating maintenance, as well as accident and emergency repairs. Its qualities combine to provide a formidable water leak repair in wooden rowing boats that are used for work and pleasure.

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