How to repair a leak in an underfloor heating pipe

When you suspect or indeed confirm you have an underfloor water leak in one of your heating system pipes, the instinctive reaction is how to stop it immediately, mindful of the potential damage that an untreated invisible leak could cause. There are two different ways you can tackle this challenge. The one you really do not want to entertain is ripping up the flooring to access the leaking pipe, with all the related mess and expense in making good the damage. The least invasive option is to find a sealant that will effectively repair the leak with no collateral damage. Therein lies the problem which has to be resolved. You need to find a product with a proven track record that will fix the leak without compromising any working part of the heating system. Effectively it should be non corrosive, contain lubricating components and fix the leak permanently – which is so important in this instance. Looking around at the traditionally available products it is obviously very difficult to find a solution that complies with all the requisite criteria for a completely successful sealant. That scenario has changed completely over the recent past with the arrival on the market of a super new sealant that adheres closely to the full criteria for an effective, safe and efficient water leak sealant.

New sealant perfects leak repairs in underfloor heating pipes.

A new water based sealant with high viscosity, non clogging and non corrosive components is proving an amazing sealing product. Designed and manufactured specifically for the Construction and Automotive Industries by C Tec, this leak repair solution has been creating quite a stir in the DIY fraternity as well. The soft particles in its formulation do not clog, while the anti corrosive and lubricant additives protect the integrity of every part of the heating system including the pipes. Its versatility and composition ensures it works safely and effectively with both copper and plastic piping which makes it ideal for all domestic heating systems. It overcomes the problem of invisible inaccessible pipe leaks by dispensing with any need for floor excavation to reveal the pipework. You simply shake the container of Miracle Seal for sixty seconds and pour it into the system. It will react with the water in the pipes to provide an immediate cure and stop the offending leak. The added value is in its ability to preempt other potential leaks by repairing weaknesses in the system without compromising any of the working parts including pipe joints, the circulating pump and its seals. Miracle Seal can provide permanent economical repairs to leaking underfloor pipes without having to literally reveal them. This saves time and money through bypassing the undesirable alternative of tearing up flooring. This liquid sealant is the miracle cure for water leaks.

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