How to Remove Tar, Oil and Grease from Car Paint

Removing oil, grease or tar from your car’s exterior puts you in a difficult position because the paint beneath the substance is immediately at risk. Car degreasers claiming to “degrease your car without removing the paint” are usually quick to claim and slow to live up to their expectations. Most tar removers will clean the tar after a great deal of elbow grease, but unfortunately, the car paint can often be left damaged. Certain degreasers can scratch the surface of the paint, change the original colour or completely remove the paint altogether. You can remove this by opting for a professional car degreaser that removes oil, grease and even tar without causing any physical harm to the car paint.

Multisolve is the ultimate car degreaser and tar remover. It will also remove oil and grease without damaging the surface of the car or the paint exterior. The reason for this is because the solution of Multisolve is 100% aliphatic, meaning it is safe and gentle. But don’t let this fool you. Just because it is a safe solvent, does not mean it won’t perform with the power of much more than that. This solvent uses a gentle but effective method to remove oil, tar and grease. It does so without burning the material, which is the usual method used for such substance removals.

Spray Multisolve onto the area laden with grease, oil or tar and you will instantly see it getting to work. Have a cloth handy, a microfiber one is probably your best option, and use it to take away the residue once the substance detaches from the surface of the car. You will notice that it lifts away easily. If there is any remaining residue left over, give it another spray with Multisolve and repeat the process until all traces of the substance has vanished from the car’s exterior.

The best advantage of using Multisolve to degrease and remove tar stains is its ability to do so without removing the paint. This is because Multisolve is actually often used as a preliminary paint treatment. It can also be used to degrease and clean substances such as sealants, adhesives, wax, silicone, printing ink and even paraffin. It’s fast and thorough, ensuring exceptional results with each use.

Tar is thick and sticky, once it set onto the paint of the car, it becomes extremely difficult to budge. However, Multisolve lifts tar from the base material with little to no effort. This is great news for both mechanics and the everyday car owner alike. Having a handy aerosol of Multisolve in the home ensures that you always have the right tool for the job, from removing chewing gum from carpets to cleaning away all traces of old silicone, Multisolve is always fit to impress. It gives top results in less time than any other solvent in the market.

Do you need to remove tar, grease or oil from your car paint WITHOUT damaging the car paint?

Look no further than Multisolve from C-Tec.


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