How to remove spray paint from concrete?

Coloured spray paint can be very difficult to remove. Graffiti is usually found on brick walls, concrete, garage doors and on the side of buildings, etc. While sometimes graffiti can look rather striking, it can also be a giant inconvenience and cause a great deal of frustration for whoever is tasked with removing it. It’s even more challenging to remove spray paint from concrete surfaces because concrete is porous. This means that when spray paint is applied to concrete, it gets absorbed much faster and, in the end, becomes notoriously difficult to remove.

Power washing is one option but it’s not a very good one. When you blast a powerful jet of water at a concrete surface, it can cause a heap of problems. Plus, it probably won’t have the desired results that you’re after. Power washing is known to damage structures like walls, wiring and insulation. So, if you want to remove spray paint from concrete indoors, you’ll need a safer option.

Thankfully, C-Tec’s latest development in paint removal, Peel Tec, is exactly what you need to remove spray paint from concrete.

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What is Peel Tec?

Peel Tec is our latest paint removal product and since it was released to the public, it’s swept the painting and decorating industry away. If you’re tired of scrubbing spray paint from concrete with no improvement, Peel Tec has the answer. You no longer have to rely on unsafe methods of paint removal such as heat, harsh solvents and mechanical methods. With Peel Tec, you can simply spray it to remove spray paint from concrete. It’s as simple as that. Peel Tec acts super-fast and in less than 10 minutes, the paint is ready to be peeled away.


How to use Peel Tec to remove spray paint

The best way to remove spray paint from concrete is with Peel Tec. Whether you want to remove graffiti from the side of a concrete wall, or you accidentally got spray paint somewhere you shouldn’t, Peel Tec is the ideal paint removal solution. It’s very versatile and works on most materials with incredible results.

As a spray gel formula, it couldn’t be easier to use Peel Tec to remove spray paint from concrete. The formula is dispensed from an aerosol canister via a nozzle that is easy to gauge. This means that you are in complete control of how much product is dispensed onto the target area. When applied, Peel Tec immediately starts working its way into the paint, dissolving it so that you can easily peel away the paint residue from the concrete within ten minutes of application. What’s left behind is a clinically clean and preserved surface.

Removing spray paint from concrete is an effortlessly easy task that doesn’t take much time at all. You won’t have to scrub at the surface for hours either. All you have to do is let Peel Tec get to work and then peel away what’s left – it couldn’t be easier to remove spray paint from concrete thanks to Peel Tec.

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