How to remove paint from wooden fascia board

There are traditional options for removing paint from wooden fascia board. The challenge is do they work safely and effectively? Fascia board normally comprises lengths of either smooth wood or tongue and groove wood boards. They are functional in covering and protecting from the elements the outer edge of roof trusses at the eaves, directly under the roofing. They are  very conspicuous as an outward facing feature just below the roof. As such painting them has a twofold purpose  – to protect and preserve the wood and to provide a clean decorative finish. As the paint becomes worn and less effective as a preservative, you have to ensure that it is repainted to prevent water seepage and consequential wood rot. The most important part of this task is to effectively remove the old covering of paint. The criteria for an efficient paint removal product is its ability to remove layers of paint safely and quickly to expose a clinically clean surface that will accept a smooth blemish – free coat of new paint. The traditional methods are unsafe and not completely efficient. Mechanical means using both manual and powered sanding solutions are laborious. They produce dust clouds that can irritate the eyes and cause breathing issues. Solvents are harsh, can cause material surface damage and can also be dangerous due to noxious vapour emissions, whilst heat treatment constitutes a slow time consuming process that produces unpleasant, harmful fumes and smoke  – especially as a result of blowtorch deployment. The million dollar question remains – is there a credible paint removal solution out there that you can use in total confidence to provide a paint ready base on wooden fascia board for a smooth rejuvenating coat of paint.

A new revolutionary paint removal product fulfils all the requisite criteria.

Help is at hand in the form of a new revolutionary paint removal product that will easily remove paint from wooden fascia board. With a unique formulation Peel Tec is Methyl Chloride free and is accredited as the most effective paint removal product on the market by the Paint trade. This combination of two vital elements makes C Tec’s innovative invention the painter and decorators handy mate ‘de rigueur’. Its versatility makes it clinically efficient on practically all material bases and provides a perfect preparation for a new coat of paint. It overcomes the inadequacies of the more traditional methods of paint removal to provide a solution that is fully endorsed by the Construction Industry and the Painting and Decorating sector in particular. From a technical perspective it is a formula that is easily applicable from an aerosol container in a spray gel structure. It reacts with the paint immediately to produce a residue that is effortlessly removable to leave a clinically clean surface that is well prepared for a new coat of paint. Within ten minutes of applying Peel Tec you can literally peel away the resulting residue. The most difficult part of regenerating the fascia board is then complete with the follow on painting process made easy through having a clinically clean base. Thanks to this amazing paint removal product the fascia board can be transformed into an attractive cosmetic feature of your home’s exterior that is freshly protected against potential rot.

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