How to remove paint from windows without using a razor

One of the most common ways to remove paint from windows is to use a razor blade. But this method can lead to costly damage. Using this common household item might seem like a quick and easy solution to get your glass looking good as new, however many don’t advise it.

If you’ve never removed paint from glass before, the key is to prepare the surface properly. Diving straight in with a razor blade is when scratches happen. These irreversible mistakes can leave your glass looking worse than before you started!

Using a razor blade can also take a long time. You have to be exceptionally careful as you work your way through each section. If the paint is thick, old, or covers a large surface area, this could be incredibly labour-intensive. Bear in mind that as the blade begins to blunt, you run a greater risk of scratches.

So, what’s the alternative? The best way to remove paint from windows is to use a non-aggressive paint stripper that does not require you to use a razor to remove residue. If the paint is thin enough, the only tool you may need is a cloth!

Using Peel Tec to remove paint from windows

There’s only one paint stripper on the market that’s non-aggressive, non-toxic, and still powerful enough to cut through multiple layers of paint – Peel Tec. This revolutionary product is safe and easy to use, even for DIY beginners. It comes in a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of product exactly where you need it.

Unlike razor blades, Peel Tec’s non-aggressive approach is guaranteed not to harm or damage the base materials, so your glass will be safe from any DIY damage. It also contains no Methyl Chloride, meaning Peel Tec doesn’t expel any dangerous vapours and is environmentally safe. So it’s perfect for use in the home.

Peel Tec is great for DIY beginners because it’s so easy to use. In fact, it takes just five simple steps to remove paint from windows using Peel Tec.

  1. Prepare the surface. Peel Tec’s unique nozzle means that you can accurately spray the solution onto any area. However, if you’re working with glass windows within painted wooden frames, and don’t want to remove paint from the frame, make sure that the frames are suitably covered and protected first.
  2. Shake the Peel Tec can well, then spray it onto the paint you want to remove, giving it a thorough coating.
  3. Wait 3-5 minutes.
  4. Remove the Peel Tec residue and paint from the glass. You can use a cloth or, for more stubborn paint, carefully use a flat-edge scraper to clean the glass.
  5. If the paint is old or thick, it may take more than one attempt to remove it all. Repeat steps 2-4 until your glass looks good as new!


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