How to remove paint from Hardwood Doors

Removing paint from hardwood doors can be an intense and tedious job, particularly if they are Georgian style with wood framed multiple small glass panes. For trade painters that is a time consuming uneconomical process which can require several applications of the solution to remove the worn coat of paint.The preparation traditionally takes much longer than the application of the fresh covering of paint due to the limitations of the options available.There are three  common paint removal solutions.The first is heat treatment – using a blow torch and scraper to get rid of the softened paint.The second option is paint stripper, a harsh solvent that leaves a sticky residue that has to be wiped from the wood.This system may require a number of applications to do the job effectively which again proves to be a time consuming process.The third is a mechanical procedure using planers or sanders both manual and electrical and is a very slow process.The frustration of painters is obvious when it comes to removing old shoddy paint from hardwood doors.They realise that it is a task without a historical satisfactory solution.

Peel Tec is the paint removal method de rigueur for all painters

That has de facto been the situation until C Tec recently launched a revolutionary new paint remover product  that is taking the industry by storm.The result of an intensive period of research and development by the C Tec team into the creation of a more dynamic solution has provided a magical paint remover thatt does exactly what its name suggests. Within ten minutes of an application of the product the paint literally peels away, with the aid of a scraper, to maximum effect. It is becoming the painter’s handy mate ‘de rigueur’ providing the perfect solution for fast, safe and effective paint removal from almost any material surface.This new invention, Peel Tec, is fast becoming a favourite product amongst trade painters across Europe. Its distributors are acclaiming its growing popularity in the construction industry in general and are having to constantly update stocks of the product to satisfy the ever increasing demand. It is proving an efficient agent in providing the clean tack free surface for the application of a new coat of paint and the assurance of a professional smooth finish.

Peel Tec possesses other appealing qualities, besides its proficiency as an effective fast paint remover. Its irresistibility as a popular product to the trade can be attributed to a number of inherent properties that make it the paint remover of choice.Technically its formulation precludes any possible damage to the base material in preparation for the re coating. Its versatility in its ability to work with the same clinical efficiency on almost any surface, is in itself a very inviting prospect and a product winner. Very importantly it is safe with no noxious vapours or fumes and is Methyl Chloride free.That is a special big plus for a paint remover that is so efficient. From an operational perspective it is easy to deploy with application through a unique nozzle from an aerosol container that delivers the right amount of spray to the target surface. C Tec have delivered a truly revolutionary efficacious product  that can only continue to grow in market popularity and share.

The actual application of Peel Tec is a simple operation. It is sprayed from an aerosol container via a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of product directly onto the target surface area without scratching or damaging the base material in any way. The rest of the process as we have described is effortless and efficient, providing a clean surface to receive a new coat of paint. Your hardwood doors will be restored to their original glistening paint finish and integrity.

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